YoYoJam Classic Review

So, I thought I might make a review on this yoyo being that I have not made a review in a while and I have had these two yoyos for a long enough time to give a good review on them.

I have 2 Classics. One is modded with Flowable Silicone and a Size C bearing, the other is just with an upgraded bearing.

Stats (per YYE)
Yoyo #1: Red w/ Blue Caps, updgraded with Silicone and Bearing
Diameter: 58.3mm
Width: 41.0mm (with updgrading bearing, it is a small bit wider, but I have not measured the extra length yet)
Weight: 63g (very slight difference with updgrade)
Bearing: YYJ Size C
Response: Flowable Silicone

Yoyo #2: Solid Pink [Breast Cancer Edition], upgraded with Size C bearing.
Diameter: 58.3mm
Width: 41.0mm (with upgraded bearing, it is a small bit wider, but I have not measured the extra length yet)
Bearing: YYE Size C
Response: Rubber o-ring

Red w/ Blue Caps Classic Review
First Thoughts (before modded):
When I first took it out of the packaging, the yoyo was very smooth for the price and a decent yoyo. However, it was very responsive, which I decided right away to switch. I knew I would not like the responsiveness so I also bought Flowable Silicone along with the 2nd Classic that will be reviewed later.
Anyways, this yoyo proved to be a great yoyo for the beginner player, because it is responsive, but still has the ability to do string tricks up to a certain length and difficulty. This yoyo can also be modded easily which is good for the intermediate to the advanced player.

Second Thoughts (during modding):
This yoyo was very easily modded. I started by taking out the black rubber o-rings and replacing them by filling in the response seat with Flowable Silicone. I had already taken the bearing and axle so I would not cause any problems with them. I then replaced the YYJ Small bearing (or whatever it is called) with a YYJ Size C bearing from my Surge (that I replaced with an extra CT bearing). I let it sit overnight and it was ready for play in the morning.

Third Thoughts (after modded):
This yoyo is a beast. It plays brilliantly and is 100% unresponsive. I only have one problem with it that varies per person. I tend to like heavier yoyos. But, I knew this yoyo would be lightweight before purchasing so I was perfectly fine with the result. As for play, the yoyo was very smooth considering it is a $10 plastic. I would certainly recommend it for a player starting, and then I would gladly help them mod it when they advance. I also find that if you would like the yoyo to be responsive (or semi-responsive as the case may be), you can just put the Small Bearing back in and it is back to how it was before. Overall, it is a great yoyo for the price, and a good yoyo for me.

Look and Feel:
This yoyo is very nicely colored. No flaws with the coloring (it’s a plastic, so that makes sense). The design on the cap is unique as well. The cap has a rough touch to it but the inside is quite smooth.

This yoyo is not my favorite. Not by a long shot. But it does help me when I am trying to learn tricks or just play for fun. It’s still a good yoyo, no matter how much I like it or not. I would like to recommend this to anyone who does not have one. Just because it is cheap, does not mean it isn’t any good.

Pink Classic Review:
First Thoughts (before modded):
This yoyo felt exactly the same as the other one. Very responsive, but still able to do string tricks up to a certain length and difficulty.

Second Thoughts (during mod):
Well, this yoyo was even easier to mod. All I did is I took out the bearing that was in it and switched it with a YYE Size C bearing that it came with (in the box, not the yoyo).

Third Thoughts (after mod):
This yoyo is still a decent throw. However, the Red w/ Blue Capped one plays better. The Rubber o-rings cause it to play more semi-responsive than unresponsive so it can’t do too many whips, slacks, etc.
However, the yoyo is still smoother than I thought and plays well. I would, however, recommend modding it with Flowable Silicone (which I plan on doing soon).

Look and Feel:
The Pink shows up really well and is bright and flashy. The color is really nice. As for the feel, see the other Classic because it is exactly the same, just a different color.

Conclusion (for both yoyos):
A Classic is a decent yoyo for any players of any level. I would like to thank Stuart for talking me into getting one. I am glad he did and I hope to use mine a lot and get my money’s worth (done).

Thanks for reading my review,


Nice review.I have been considering getting one of these due to how much good talk there is about it. I’d like to have one just to have one. Thanks for your good review!

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I was blown away by how good this was for a $10 plastic. Pretty much bought it just to reach the free shipping threshold over at another store and ended up absolutely loving it. Of all the throws I’ve given away, this is probably the one I miss the most.


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I never looked back to check replies on this, but I was going through my old posts to see what I wrote and I decided I could check this out.

Thanks. They are very cheap priced and they look so basic and not really any good. They are not at all.
The yoyo was absolutely amazing. It is also a bit heavier than it looks and feels (when not throwing it). It is pretty smooth for a plastic too. I would definitely suggest one if you have not gotten one yet.

As I was reading this, I thought you were about to see it was my review that blew you away and I would have asked one of the mods if they could make it so I could multi-thank-you or something. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Anyways, yes, I agree. The Classic is a great yoyo. It is actually pretty good for beginners because they can always get one and use it while it’s responsive. Then get the mod kit and voila, an unresponsive yoyo that is still really good.

Thanks for the interesting review on a couple of different upgraded versions of this. Very useful. I have some high end stuff, but have been looking at inexpensive yoyos for gift ideas and recommendations. I was thinking about the classic, but not wanting to purchase a separate kit to upgrade it… but also realized that it’s still under 20 bucks. I just got a Onestar and was really impressed. I’m seriously thinking about trying a few of the “good but cheap” throws a try. It’ll keep my acquisition disorder from being too costly and then I’ll have a few throw-away-throws and gift ideas.

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Can the Classic do offstring?

Thank you. This yoyo would make a good gift for three reasons. One, it is low-priced (trying to avoid cheap, because that makes it sound no good); two, it is a good beginner responsive yoyo; three, if the person you give it to gets into yoyoing a lot, he or she can mod it and use it as I have as an unresponsive plastic.

:smiley: I have never tried that before. Sounds interesting though.

Yeah using a regular yoyo for offstring and catching it and doing tricks give you a feeling of accomplishment.

I’ve bought 5 of these so far and they all are pretty consistently smooth.

I really don’t like the black O-rings, but usually leave them in when I give them out.

I upgraded my lady friend’s classic with One Drop response pads and put some late 90’s brain lube (thick lube) in the bearing. It plays great and snaps right back. Still does forward passes.

just got my standard weight classics today. time for some 3a

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