yyj classic

Anyone tried it out? I was very pleasantly surprised when I got mine today. I’d say definitely the best beginner yoyo out there. And some of the best bang for your buck if you don’t include bootlegs.

really?? did someone pay you to say that? lol

Didn’t like it I take it?
It has a little vibe, but I don’t really care about vibe.

I got a few heading my way in a few days.

Vibe and plastic yoyos. Nothing unusual. I haven’t had a yoyo vibe so much that it’s unplayable. Fun will negate vibe anytime!

2 are coming for me. 1 for keeping stock for noobs/responsive play, and 1 for modifications and playing. I look forward to receiving these.

I can see them being modded in the future. At the very least, people are going to remove the caps and change it to a silicone response.

I like caps, so I’ll leave those alone. But yeah, I’m gonna clean the bearing out and yank the rings and silicone it. I have a spare bearing included in the order, but it’s mostly so I have a spare Crucial Grooved on hand.

I picked some up… it’s a fun throw, great colors… my kids really enjoy it…

It gets better with a little tweaking - put a full size bearing in it, took out the o-ring (never been a fan of o-ring response, it’s what kept me from liking the Lyn Fury out of box) and silli-ed it…

As far as price, it’s a fun responsive yoyo for under $10 - if you have to buy a bearing, you really might be better off grabbing an Asteroid… but if you do the tweaking, I think it plays better than the Asteroid (which, IMHO, is the #1 contender for under $20).

It would have really made a mark if it had come with both bearings (like the YYF One does - at the same price)… even better if they made it so the caps could have been inner-changeable - just for color swapping fun…

I just got a chance to play one yesterday, and I think it is an awesome throw! I like it more than my protostars! These are definitely on my “Need To Buy” list.

They’re great. I love mine. Very good for the price. I have a tenball in it.

I have one and love it and I HATE plastic yoyos!!! It really came out well. I had a chance to throw an early proto of this and I liked it then. I will need another though. One for responsive and one for unresponsive!!! GREAT yoyo. They need to make them in purple/green though!!!

I have two in the mail, both the blue/black combos. I ordered them Friday, the holiday got in the way. Can’t wait…probably get them tomorrow. I always thought YYF One was great, but too light. I think this one will be a lot better. I love YYJ.

Just a tip for people with a Classic. We were messing with them at worlds and found that a crucial bearing makes it play much much better than any other.

isn’t that true for every yoyo? :wink:

Interesting. I picked a Crucial Grooved to go in this yoyo without having seen it or played it.

I think so! :slight_smile: