Whip or YYJ Classic?

I wanna get a plastic because I don’t own one. Which should I get? I’ve used a Whip and liked it a lot, but I’ve heard the Classic is better. Which do you guys prefer?

Whip is too light. So I’d go with a classic, a lot of people seem to like it.

classic… though i hate o rings… they’re unpredictable and make your string dirty. If you get YYJ pads with it then id say classic

Are those two your only options? Alpha crash looks nice. How about proto star and North Star?
Out of the two you named, I’d go with the classic.

I wanna pay around $20 tops for a plastic :slight_smile:

get a classic and some monkey snot

Classic! Just put some silicone pads of flowable in it and put a full sized c bearing and it plays as good as a higher end plastic. Also it sleeps way more! Resembles a burnside imo.


Hmmm…I think people really like the classic?

So what should I buy to accompany it?

YYJ Pads? And have a C sized bearing for it?

A pin or tack to remove the o rings, and id recommedned the yoyofactory yellow PRO pads. They last forever and produce nice and tight binds. And yes, have a spare c bearing for it. Youll be impressed! Its also a decent finger grinder for a plastic too! And last but not least, its the smoothest all plastic ive ever thrown. More than the northstar or protostar.

Sweet! I just ordered the Classic off of YYE minutes ago. I got the Red Body w/ Yellow caps. I already have a C bearing layin around here, I got some pads for it. And my Gnarwhal needed new pads too so I decided to try out the Ir pads…Hopefully they’re worth the money.

Oh and thanks for your help everyone!

Just wanted to reaffirm your choice. I’ve played several plastics, and Classic simply cannot be beat for $10 (plus your spare bearing at “no new cost”). You can get “better” plastics for 3-4X the price, but they will not play 3-4X better.

I agree completely


I just ordered one jokingly last night, thinking the transaction wouldn’t go through… and it did ::slight_smile: red body/blue caps along with a yyj speed bearing, some yyj silicone, and 6 yye poly string because, why not?

Reason Ithought it wouldn’t go through is that Iattempted to order one about a week ago with a $25 gift card and it didn’t go through. Well, I guess it did now ::slight_smile:


Haha, at least you didn’t accidentally buy something bad…

I own 4 classics, Nuff said. Great choice!

Good to hear! Thanks Joey!