Top Performing Plastics?


I bought a Classic a little while back and I’ve found that I enjoy playing it more than any of my expensive CLYW’s or YYR’s. Due to that, I’ve been looking at other plastics that I might enjoy and the Protostar is the one I’m trying to get. I’ve had a lot of trouble buying a used one, even though I have a guy saying he will sell one but isn’t replying after I sent my address and asked for his paypal so I could pay. I’m hoping the community could share their thoughts on some of the best playing plastics in this thread. I prefer a non-organic shape yoyo, that has a weight under 67 grams. Feel free to offer your opinions on the best plastic yoyos available. I’m sure the Rally and Yeti will be mentioned, but I’m not looking to spend over 25 dollars on a used plastic.


I have a whip and I love it. I don’t know exactly what you mean by organic. I think you mean the shape of the whip. Oh well, I like it. I haven’t thrown the onestar, but I want to. I think it would be good. I also have a protostar, and I loved it when I first got it. Not as much now.


I use my YYJ Classics for 1A and 3A, a pair of YYJ Unleasheds for 2A, also use a YYF Shaqlerstar for 1A and when I attempt to do 5A even though I suck at it cuz the counterweight is too fast for me >.<
Honestly I use my YYJ Classic over my YYF Shaqlerstar and my YYF Dv888 :smiley:


I’d say the V, and alpha crash are my top playing plastics.
The Crazy-d and surge look excellent as well but I haven’t tried them.
I wasn’t as fond of the protostar, severe, trigger or rally but they’re still great throws.
I actually prefer my northstar to the protostar but I think the starlight and onestar I have are even better with the starlight being the best.
The PSG, asteroid, bolt and flipside are awesome performers and great additions, as are sili recessed zeros.

There’s also the whole delrin Crucial and Recrev lines which are more than amazing along with some others like the gung-fu, and empire sun.

There’s plenty other plastics that I bet I missed but those were the ones that came to mind.


I only have a few plastics, including a Turning Point delrin, trigger, legacy 2, diffusion, and I find my classic to be the most fun of all the plastics I own. The rest are fine throws, but the classic is more fun regardless of cost, and as far as bang for your buck, a tremendous deal.

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I’ve used lots of plastics, especially recently with the new releases, and I have to say that the Rally is the best out of what I’ve tried. The YYJ Quest, although costing more than most metals is also very good.


The starlite or starbright were two that I was looking at, until I saw the weight. I agree with the others on here who give the Classic so much Praise. I like to play it more than my Chief or Sleipnir. I would love to get a Rally, but don’t see them being around on the BST for a while.

Edit: Just went back and checked the Starlite and noticed the weight is much more than I thought. For some reason I was thinking it was in the low 50’s. I may just end up getting that.


The starbright is the light one

I also remembered that there’s the new magicyoyo glow plastic that looked very interesting so you might want to look into that


The V. Perfect shape, under 67 grams. It looks awesome.

Or the Crazy-D.

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My Protostar is amazing. It’s my favorite of all my plastics. Its H shaped. It is 67 grams but feels light and floaty on the string. Its a all round good yoyo. I also like the color of it. I don’t have any of the newer ones so I can’t really comment on those.


The best performing Plastic is probably the one you feel most comfortable with and can do your best tricks on.

For me, that would be the FH2, Pro-Z, Surge, Bolt, Speedmaker, Lyn Fury, and the Original YYF One, the kind without the beefed out rims.