Is the YYJ-Classic a good yo-yo for beginner to intermediate?


I would appreciate answers from people who have actually used it

(Owen) #2

Amazing Beginner to Intermediate and even Advanced Yo-Yo

Taken from the YYJ classic page


This is a unique yoyo.

The Duncan ProZ is kind of the “modder’s starter” yoyo, in regards that it can take you from looping, string tricks and unresponsive play, but at some point, it kinda hits a brick wall.

The Classic, while isn’t a great looper, is really good though as a string trick yoyo. It lets you grow almost like the DM2 and Legacy II do. If you want to chance the response, you can silicone it or use YYJ silicone pads. You can lube the slim bearing to preferences. You can go unresponsive simply by swapping the bearing out. Good weight, size and a decent profile. It’s kinda bland looking, so thank goodness for the end caps being a different color to break it up.

As far as how it performs, I’ve been playing it a lot and I really enjoy this. Great for beginners, and good to great for intermediate and advanced players.

Depending on how you go, you can get amazing performance with the stock yoyo, and then upgrade the response and bearing and be around the cost of the Legacy II and get performance on par or better than the Legacy II. Yes, I am partial to YYJ. This is a winner. Right price, right performance, right material, and inexpensive enough that upgrades make sense and stay affordable.

I have 2. 1 is completely stock. 1 is siliconed and has a Crucial Grooved bearing in it. I am going to get 4 more. 2 will be a 3A pair, siliconed and not sure what bearing I’m gonna put in those two. Another will be stock response but a flat bearing. The last will be set up for 5A. I gotta wait for more colors to drop and see what I want to get. These might be what I snap up at Nationals if YYJ has a booth there.


Yes. Yes it is. Good for advanced as well.


great yoyo for any string trick type of play.

(Owen) #6

PS I have played it and it lives up to the yoyoexpert statement about it.

It is a very good yoyo, and for the pricetag, you can’t go wrong.


Probably the best “bang for your buck” yoyo out there.


Yes, and I love it, so when you get it, put a black string on it, so it looks like this:

Best looking yo-yo ever!


I picked up a blue one with orange caps a few days ago after changing the pads and the bearing, it’s hardly left my side. It’s THAT good.



I picked one up a blc, its is hands down the best “grow with you yoyo” out there.

(George Wollaston) #11

It does indeed live up to the store description. I loved it so much that I bought two more!


What else should I get with it?


Lots of strings. Always buy strings when you buy a yoyo.


This yoyo is honestly the best Bang for your Buck in my opinion(as well as others). I will probably order 3 more. I have one with the Trifecta bearing and monkey snot right now. Im gonna get another 2 and keep stock for responsive play and to learn 3A. The other will get monkey snot and maybe make a pair with the one I have now for unresponsive 3A, or maybe for my friend to practice binding. She drops my 54 too much. I dont mind, its a beater, but she hits me too much with it