A few quick notes about the Classic so you know what you're getting into


I just received my YYJ Classics. Plastic, stupid cheap, yet still a quality product.

This isn’t a review. Bear with me for a brief moment. This won’t be an “endurance test post” either.

These ship in the slightly older green YYJ plastic boxes, unless the newer clear ones are reserved for specific yoyos.

These ship with the N-sized bearing, which is the half-width C-sized bearing that many other YYJ’s that ship with 2 bearings have pre-installed. They also have rubber o-rings for the response system. It also appears to use the YYJ Solid Spin Axle as well.

The yoyo, as ships, is responsive. I found that by replacing the bearing with a properly cleaned full sized C-bearing, this yoyo immediately became dead unresponsive! Wow! This is all I’ve done with one of my 2. I may buy a third to keep completely responsive or I may put the N bearing back in this one.

For further mods, without having to bust out tools or a lathe or drill press, you can simply use RTV silicone that you’d normally use for siliconing your yoyos for the response system. I am doing this with the other of my 2 Classics and I am waiting for it to cure. It is also compatible with YYJ Silicone pads, CBC Slim pads and K-pads for those who want a pre-made response. I am then going to put a Crucial Grooved bearing in this one. Actually, in 2. I have one for my son, so it’s been siliconed as well and curing so it will be play-ready on his birthday.

So, not bad. 2 simple mods that require no tools and an extensive skill set, stuff many of you can easily do with things you probably already have in your case of yoyo parts.

How does it play? This ain’t no $10 yoyo, that’s for sure. Not sure where it ends up playing against, but it’s great. Good size, shape and weight. It avoids the light weight commonly associated with low-cost yoyos, such as the ONE and the WHIP. I am having trouble adjusting to this yoyo myself, but even so, it’s a great player. Now for the fast review portion: If you’re considering a ONE with 2 bearings or a WHIP, you may wish to consider the Classic. Be warned, to really bring out the full potential of the Classic, it will take more money(unless you have the stuff already): a full sized bearing of your choice and using RTV solicone or a pre-made response pad. This may put you in the cost range of a LegacyII, but it doesn’t play like a Legacy II, so they aren’t comparable except in regards to pricing at this point.

For those who still like to do mods with no tools or skills, don’t forget the Duncan ProZ and the Duncan Mod Spacer kits for A-bearings and off-strings(that use an A-bearing).