YYJ Classic: Your Setup?

Just trying to get an idea of what bearing and pads and etc. to upgrade a classic. ;D Thanks for the suggestions and help.

My classic:

Fat kitty string
Buddha Ten-Ball bearing
YYJ silicone pads

When I took out the stock bearing and response and put it my own, this yoyo became a beast. Probably one of the best Unresponsive plastic yoyos under the $30 range.

Gave mine to my niece over Christmas but I was running mine with a One Drop ten ball bearing, YYF silicone pads (because that’s just what I happened to have lying around), and normal Kitty Polyester.


Don’t have one, but any bearing with any silicone will work just as good.

And any string, string is preference.

I have 5 Classics, soon to be 7.

4 are set up with YYJ Speed Bearing and flowable. 1 is for 1A, 1 is for 5A, 2 are for 3A if I ever get around to it. The last is also siliconed but with the stock bearing in there.

The next two will be:
Completely stock
Stock response YYJ Speed Bearing.

The purpose is for demonstration of the flexibility of the yoyo as well as good for new people to try.

My set up: center trac bearing, yyf Standard pads, whatever string is closest to my hand when i need it changed (usually a standard kitty string these days).

I have three classics. All of them have flowable silicone response.
One has a buddha 10 ball with fat kitty.
One center trac and normal kitty.
And last is a KK bearing with a home made string.

Classic with 10ball crucial grooved bearing (which gives me 5mins sleep), IrPads response, and kitty string normal or candy wires fat

YYJ Speed bearing and YYF natural pads.

My set up was YoYoJam Pads, KK Bearing, and AMMO. But I have mine away, so ima be setting my next one up with the same + Delrin caps for Finger Spinning (courtesy of Mrcnja)