Yoyojam classic: YOUR favorite set up?

Ok, so everyone loves the classic (right?). It is a ten dollar yoyo, and all you need to make it a beast is a C bearing and maybe some response. But everyone swears by something else; some say a speed bearing and some yyj pads, some say a ten ball with flowable silicone. Others say that concave is the way to go. I just thought that this would be a fun thread to start, because so many people seem to have an opinion on a way to make this awesome throw even more awesome.
I will start:
center trac bearing, Ir pads, yoyoexpert edition yoyostringlab ammo string, because it both plays amazing on this yoyo and matches my red and black classic.

The versatility of this yoyo will have me buying more for various configuration options.

I keep one completely stock. YYE 100% poly bulk string
I keep another with a Crucial Grooved and flowable silicone response. YYSL Type X String
I have a third I have a YYJ Speed Bearing in it, flowable silicone response and a Takeshi dice on it for 5A fun. YYSL Type X string.

I will get 2 more, mirrored caps/body colors for a 3A pair. I will probably put in Buddha Dimple Bearings in this and YYSL Type X string

I will be getting one that I will keep stock bearing, but flowable silicone response. YYE 100% poly string
I will also get one that I will but a YYJ Speed bearing in, but keep the stock response. YYE 100% poly string.

The idea is to have the capacity to show the versatility of this yoyo. I am doing LOTS of meets and teaching these days, so it helps to be prepared.

I have 2. Popped in a new Crucial bearing and it’s one of the best plastics I use and an awesome 3a pair.

I like mine best as follows:

IrPads for the response

10 Ball for the bearing

Fat Kitty for the string

IMEO this is the best way to go!!!

I also feel that stock is great too!!!

That is why I have two of them!!! Best of both worlds… :slight_smile:

My Classic is half Blue / Black, and half Blue / Yellow.

OneDrop 10Ball Bearing
YYJ Silicone Pads

I have two Classics, one for others to play with, one for me.
The orange one is stock except that I monkey snotted it.
The pink and white one is mine.
-Monkey snot, even though it ripped out once.
-terripin x bearing
-kitty string


I thought I was the only one.

Mine is an orange cream color
Centertrac bearing
Yyf white response pads
Regular kitty string

I have two-

Pink one, with a yyj speed bearing and yyj pads.

Orange with black caps, with a CT bearing and Monkey Snot flowable.

It’s a great plastic, I’ll probably end up getting a couple more in the future.

I have three. A white, a blue/white, and a special edition pink. All set up with YYF pads and a 10 ball.

Honestly, the classic is better than many of my metal yoyos. I can barely put mine down.

I would like to add that they need to make one with a green center and purple caps!!! just sayin that would be pretty rad!!!

I gave mine away to a beginner in the family but before that I had mine set up with a CT bearing, YYF natural pads and normal Kitty poly.


I have an all white one with pearl blue monkey snot and a trifecta bearing its pretty cool…
and I have an all pink one that has yyj pads and a speed bearing that my girlfriend plays with sometimes.

I really need to get a Classic now…

Yes! You will not regret it if you buy it.

I don’t have a favorite setup - it’s been my experience that each setup is great for different styles of play. I can say, though, that there isn’t a setup I’ve tried that I didn’t like. I’ve just been super stoked all around with the Classic.

Spread the YYJ love <3 lol

My setup is a Buddha Bearing, YYJ Sili, and fat kitty.

Mine is flowable response with a heavily tarnished concave bearing of unknown pedigree I brought back to life with acetone and Dry Lube. One of my all time favorite yoyos.