What's Your Favorite YoYo setup?

What’s everyone’s favorite YoYo setup?

Right now mine is a YYF Shutter, Center Trac bearing, YYF blue pads with normal Kitty string.

Stock, whatever that happens to be.

mo-vitation with stock pads, a crucial grooved bearing, and yyf green.

Wien I purchase a yoyo I will play it stock. If I like to yoyo well enough and a problem develops or if it could preform better I will change whatever I feel will work.

Bearing: Ceramic konkave
String: Kitty Fat
Response: Flowable silicone

Prestige Prototype

KK bearing

Hat Pads

Unknown/Kitty String

centertrac because theyr loose
Joker pads
kitty fat or blueprint

New Sasquatch
White snow tires
Normal kitty
Dife-yo kk

Wooly Marmot 2
fat kitty
white snow tires

I have found through intense testing and long hours of calculations, Center trac is the best bearing, My own poured response has the best grip and least snag, and yellow YYE string is the fastest and bestest string everz. All of my yoyos run this setup. If your question is which yoyo is my favorite? old YYF superstar or BOSs.

Organic shape throw + centering bearing + white monkey snot response + Dragon string.

Nickel Code 1, Brass Spikes, Konkave bearing, Flow groove response.

Whoa! I’d have to try that. Taking a float legend and making a solid throw out of it. :slight_smile:

  • Flow Groove when possible
  • Normal Kitty
  • Konkave bearing

Shove that into almost any yoyo and I’m good. Flow Groove failing, I’m not that fussy. Been enjoying red gasket-maker silicone.

Nomad, trifecta bearing, kitty string fat, cdc bearing co response pads

Flat 10 ball, I don’t really mind response type, and a string that slacks and won’t irritate me to death with it’s inability to hold tension. IM LOOKING AT YOU EPICSTRINGS. Just kidding Logan. Your strings are my favoriteeee

Oh, yeah and Kitty 1.5 nylon blend.


YYF Supernova

Flowable silicone

Nylon Kitty

YYR double straight bearing

Umm… And several band aids because my calluses broke

YYF Shu-Ta

YYF White Pads

Kitty String XL

One Drop 10-Ball Bearing

Clyw arctic circle, ds bearing, fat nylon kitty

DS Bearing
Toxic BG1

Toxic Blend

Toxic Great White