What is your current favourite throw and setup?

Favourite throw and setup so far:

:snowflake:️CLYW Blizzard​:snowflake:️
White Snow Tires
Kitty String Fat Neon Yellow :sunny:️:sunny:️:sunny:️
Pixel Bearing/Ceramic KonKave :racing_car:

What’s your current favourite throw and setup?

Please share :grin:

It’s between these two (right now):


  • Whatever bearing I had in my box of bearings, 6 drops of Brain Lube
  • All 4 response rings filled with silicone.
  • fat Kitty
    LOVE this yoyo!


  • Rubber sealed flat bearing
  • Fat kitty

Eternal Throw Elysian
-One Drop ten ball bearing
-home made flow able silicone pads
-orange Kitty XL
-Mirror polished rims!

TropicSpins Finch
-Fat Kitty-String
-Probably the pixel bearing once I receive it.
Just love this throw beyond any other and I have no idea why

One drop Cabal
Center Trac
Fat kitty string yellow

You’ll love the Pixel! :heart:

Neon Snow Tires

Fulvia BTM-R
Dif Ceramic KK with Terrapin dry lube
Blue Ocean YYSL Venom

Too. Good.

I do have a close second though, and it’ll likely be equally favored once the honeymoon period on the BTM-R is over:

Purple Evora
Platium NSK DS with Terrapin dry lube
Honey Strings pads borrowed from my Octavia
Blue Ocean YYSL Venom

The BTM-R will likely always be my favorite for performance reasons, and the Evora is my favorite overall feel for laid back throwing.

And…my favorite throw for on-the-go:

full ceramic concave bearing from the Evora
Flow Groove pads
Blue Ocean YYSL Venom, yet again

YYR Draupnir

Ir Pads

Kitty Fat Neon Yellow

Ceramic KonKave


One Drop Nickel Plated Top Deck
CLYW Pixel Bearing
YYE Core String

going to havbe to get a few of the pixels to try, have to throw one in my nickel top deck as well.

Yeah, give it a try. It’s been my favorite setup for a couple weeks now. Well… favorite unresponsive 1A setup at least.

Been back and forth between that and a Hat Trick w/ lubed CTX and Fat Kitty String.

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CODE 2 or Topdeck
Flow Groove/yyf slim pads for the Topdeck
OD 10 ball
Orange Monkeyfinger Ape Hangers

Nickel plated SD flow/ OD Cascade
CTX/ OD 10 ball
Flowable/ no idea
Normal yellow kitty/ XL orange kitty

I don’t know if i have a favorite at this point. But I do find myself reaching for::

Terrarian w/spike Side Effects
Buddha Bearing Whipple Bearing
Whatever string comes with One Drop
One Drop flowable pads

I hate picking 1 or 2 of my favorite yoyos because it changes every week.

Anti yo eetsit

Old style difeyo kk

One thin dif pad and one yyf 21 mm silicone sticker

Yellow kitty fat

My beater/everyday carry

Superstar 16 aqua blue

Stock red yyf pads

Crucial grooved kk

Yellow kitty fat

YYF Czech Point with Kitty Regular string

As of recent it has been:

Clyw Avalanche (sold it and looking for a more appealing color way)

Bearing: grooved ones look cool (they all feel about the same to me)

Response: not picky

String: yellow kitty nylon 1.5 or I recently obtained what I believe are Kevlar hogwhips (don’t remember the actual name) string in a trade and I really like those.

CLYW Manatee with KK and Fat Kitty String Neon Yellow/Pink

Iyoyo steel

Ceramic concave bearing

Whatever pads it came with

Yellow fat kitty string

Yeah it’s almost the stock setup except the string I think😁