what is your setup for your fave throw?

mine is the puffin (don’t own 1 lolz :P) and it is…

*Pads: Aqua snow tires :smiley:
*Bearing: stock center trac

For the one that I have, its the shutter with…

*stock everything exept bearing( I use a kk) and string(NORMAL NEON YELLOW KITTY FTW)

wats yours?

Code 1-

Pads: OneDrop Flow Groove (I really wish Hat Pads fit in this, but sadly, they don’t)
Bearing: OneDrop Ten-Ball, maybe a General Yo AIGR if I’m feeling spicy :smiley:
String: Toxic-Markmont.Dragons
Side Effects: Ultralights

I’m supposed to have a favourite throw? And a single setup for that throw? Man, you’re asking a lot. :wink:

Here are two:

OG Punch Line: flowable silicone, Whipple bearing (teeny bit of V4M), Unknown Strings Jackrabbits

El Ranchero: so far, whatever pads it came with. ;), flat bearing (currently OD 10-ball with teeny bit of V4M), Kitty Normal

Well for me I always have a thing for a throw I just got in the mail so I’m not sure if its my favorite or not but…

Aqua Snow Tires
Neon Yellow Fat Kitty
Buddha 10 Ball


One White and One Aqua Snow Tire
Neon Yellow Fat Kitty

majesty + 10 ball + swivel + kitty. Can go on forever without maintaining

Jekyll & Hyde:SPINS Lunar Wind
-10 ball KonKave
-One Drop Flow Groove
-BigYoYoStrings Fat Chicks

C3yoyodesign Electric Flash Stock

HSpin Beysick: Stock D sized bearing slightly lubed, stock pads, and a homemade string.

YYF Shutter: Stock…Everything…cept that string, I make my own…

Yoyofficer Eager, with Yoyofficer black pads, chinese trifecta bearing and Kitty string 1,5(for everyday play) and Kitty fat(for contest).

My One Drop’s are stock: 10 Ball, Flow Groove Kitty 1.5

My Summit is also stock: 10 Ball, Aqua Pads and Kitty 1.5

My CLYW: Dif KK’s, IrPads and Kitty 1.5

My favourite throw is Summit at the moment. It Has Dif-E-Yo KK in it and also irPads as pads =) For string i use Kitty Fat. Champions choice!

Monkeyfinger Ratrod Forte
Stock snot but would use pads
Sonic Bellow Toxics
Stock bearing but dry treated

stock KK Bearing cleaned completely and Dry Play treated. Mine shipped stock with a KK bearing.
Stock pads but would change to flowable when it wears
Twisted Strings Trixta or YYSL Type X.

I play my Peak with a 10-ball and IrPads. Whatever string is handy, I generally use yellow bulk polyester, but I play with Fat Kitty every once in a while(keep it around for Walter).

Wow !!! That’s amazingly similar to mine. The only difference is that I use a Ceramic KK. I’m also a bit more of a “Great White” fan for strings, but use Trixta’s quite a bit as well.

All time:
General Yo 7075 Majesty, Hatpads, one drop ten ball, and YYSL Type X

Out of my most played recently:
G2 Triton, Poured Silicone, One drop 10 ball, YYSL type X

YYF Primo
stock bearing (im getting a ten ball for it this week)
stock response
string yellow kitty string nylon

And my second favorite The Summit
pads Clyw Snow Tires
bearing Twisted Strings Trifecta
String yellow Kitty String Nylon

My favorite this month:

Turning Point MaxBet
Terripin Ceramic X-cut bearing
Type-X string
IR Pads

However I’m on vacation, and my favorite throw this week is:
Kitty String

Supernova 2013
Regular CT
Kitty normal
Stock pads

I don’t have a ceramic KK and I don’t have any Great Whites to try out.

If the KK in the yoyo stock is a ceramic KK, then that’s what I have. But I think mine is a steel bearing. It’s been too long since I’ve checked, but since I Dry Play treated it, I’m like 99% sure it’s a steel bearing in there.