The Perfect Set-up

Everyone has their favorite set-up of yoyo, bearing and string. For me, the C3 Krown with a gold Center-Track bearing and YoyoStringLab Venom string. Play perfection in my opinion, can’t get much better than this! What’s your favorite set-up?

Gyo prestige with KK. Normal kitty.

I don’t have a definite favorite but one set up I really like is


KK Bearing

White Kitty string

Black spikes.

YYR Sleipnir
YYR DS Bearing
Ir Pads normal
Neon yellow kitty 100% poly fat


Stock Puffin with normal kitty :slight_smile:

YYR Uragment
White Kitty String Nylon

Stock bearing ( ct )
Aqua snow tires
1.5 kitty neon yellow

Center Trac
100% Poly - YYE

CT bearing
Kitty 1.5 full length

YYR Acrophobia
YYR DS Bearing
Soft YYR pads
1.5 Kitty Neon Yellow

Stock General-Yo Prestige with YoYoStringLab Ammo

code 2
trifect bearing
normal kitty string neon yellow
spikes of any color

10 ball
1.5 Kitty

Clyw Canvas
OD 10 ball bearing
Snow tires
KItty String normal

Kitty fat yellow

Original Speeder + string. Always hits the spot for me.



Kitty String 1.5 (Yellow)

I also want to try IrPads and once I do, I have a feeling that I’ll probably add those to the list.

The yoyo part can kind of change around a lot for me (LOL), but I love CTX’s and Kitty String 1.5. Sadly, I wanted to restock on string this week, but YYE is out of YELLOW Kitty String 1.5. Deal breaker…gonna have to get a different string I guess, because I am running thin!

I love using this setup on my Code 1:

10 Ball/AIGR
Toxic Markmont. Dragons

This yoyo glides through the air–it’s so nimble.

10ball (if I could remove the spacers ::slight_smile: )
Unknown Yoyo String

Lately it’s been:
Werrd Minute
Ceramic KK
White Blueprint string
Blueprint pads


SPYY x tmbr Eh
Shortened padauk axle
Type 10 hand-twisted cotton