What's Your Favorite YoYo setup?

Triton,MFD flowable,Rage bearing,Y3 Trilo/poly.

Besides that, Albatross,Bhudda ripple,pro k-pads,toxic strings Zypes.<----(down to my last 3 zypes,ill rue the day i run out of them X_X)

one more XD Nessie,Terrapin steel delta,krazy klown string,MFD flowable

I have a few.

For CLYW it is as follows:

KK Bearing, Ir Pads, Kitty 1.5

For SE One Drops:

Ultra Light’s, 10 Ball, Flow Groove, Kitty 1.5

For my Valor it’s a KK bearing, Flow Groove, Kitty 1.5

Something about CLYW and KK bearings… As for SE One Drops and 10 Balls that just do it for me… I have tried several bearing but I keep coming back to these. When CLYW moved from flowable to the Snow Tires I just could not get comfortable with them. The Ir Pads for me are excellent…

I like Werrd Blueprint pads and string and CTX bearings. I also like the aqua Snow Tires, natural YYF pads, IR Pads, and fat Kitty String.

I got two shutter, centertrac,stock pads, clyw slackline

Chico bulldog, stock bearing and pads, string lab type x

ill throw in my nooby one too, i say nooby because hes the newest to my collection

6061 Gambit,Twisted strings A1,MFD flowable,KonKave bearing

Lately it’s been MFD Gelada2/Twisted stringz a1/ twisted trifecta bearing/blue monkey snot :smiley:
Also, The Gelada2 is seriously amazing. I’m surprised it doesn’t get talked about more on here.

hit and miss,

ya never know until it happens…