Help, Yoyojam Classic

Hey guys. I just got 2 YYJ Classics. New in box. From what I remember, these play responsive out of the box right?

How do I make them unresponsive? Also, are they good for learning 3a?

Yes, they come responsive, and if you want them unresponsive, you will need a c sized bearing for each. Replacing the response is optional, the yoyo will work fine unresponsive, but it turns the string black. so i would suggest new pads, because flowable silicone seems to fall out kind of easily.

To make a YYJ Classic unresponsive all you should need is a clean (preferably concaved, grooved, or center track) bearing. If you want to go a step farther; remove the silicone stickers and replace them with ‘flowable silicone’ (preferably MFD ‘Monkey Snot’ as it is quite easy to do. Try to get the flowable to be slightly recessed (rather than ‘flush’ like the stickers were). To do this fill the grooves w/ the silicone and use a card scrape the excess at an angle. You’ll know u did it right if it looks like the silicone has a groove or concave. Let dry for 12 hrs min.

Cool. I just bought 2 crucial groove bearings. Are there pads that fit into these yo-yo’s? I’d rather buy pads than silicone.

I think they’re just 19mm slim pads, but certainly you can just go to the YYJ section and get YYJ Silicone pads. They fit.

Just making sure.

I decided to get MF silicone instead. It will make my yo-yo’s look cool. I also got a pair of Crucial bearings. While I was at it I got a 100 pack of Kitty String. :smiley: Yay

Also, after I mod them, will they be good for 3A?

He doesn’t want to silicone them himself, he’s a “pads only” person ;).

Just a new bearing and silicone. I would just pick up two Spec’s or if you have the money a Center Trac or a Buddah bearing.

Heck YEAH!

Who is this addressed to? We recommended the right pads and he decided to go for flowable after all. Apparently not a “pads only” person. :wink:

dont let that mf dry out on you… its known to do that.

(you can just add dye to a glob of flowable if you want to DIY… looks dope)

He changed fast. He said one time Pads I only do Pads, I will always be that way. Huh, ;).

I prefer pads in my classic… I tried YYJ pads first and they did not bind all that good… VERY loose… I took them out and put in a set of YYF natural pads… NOW this thing plays great!!!

The Classic set up with the right pads and a C sized bearing is a VERY VERY VERY good yoyo!!! And for the price it is a steal!!!

I’m not fond of the YYJ Pads either. I tend to get YYF pads. YYJ pads work good in most YYJ, but some YYJ yoyos are awesome with YYJ pads.

I have the YYJ Sili pads and a OD 10ball in my Classic and it plays perfectly!

Cool idea. Can I use the MF tube to do this after I finish that silicone?

Actually, I am not sure. They are pretty light, and they will not spin as long as metals, which is helpful for beginning 3A players. But for the price, theyre great.

Well, from what I hear from Studio42. They are super good. Period. 1a 5a and 3a.

So from what he has told me via PM I am convinced they are good.

No matter. 2 Classics (Never been taken out of box minty mint mint) for $5 each.

Who could resist?

You don’t want them?

That’s what I paid for them. I’m keeping them and using them to start 3a. I’d rather not learn 3a on my metals first.