YoyoJam Classic recommendations


Okay, so I have a new Puffin that should be here tomorrow, but I ordered a YYJ Classic on Saturday and for some reason I am looking forward to getting the Classic more than I am the Puffin. However, I don’t plan to play the Classic responsive, and I don’t have any YYF/YYJ response pads. I do have some spare Yoyorecreation response pads, but even if they did fit I wouldn’t put them on the Classic. Gotta save them for my Sleipnir. My question is about flowable silicone. I have read a few posts that said that flowable silicone seems to fall out of the Classic, but in the same post someone said to let the silicone cure for 12 hours minimum. Obviously, 12 hours isn’t long enough. Silicone has to sit for a full 24 hours in order for it to work properly. I was wondering if anybody here has any experience with putting flowable silicone in a Classic? I would think it should work since the yoyo was released in 2012. Is the recess deep enough to hold silicone?


I’ve been playing my Classics quite heavily and they are siliconed using flowable and they hold the silicone quite nicely and I’ve yet to have a problem with any of them(I have 5 set up this way: siliconed and wide C bearing, 1 siliconed but stock bearing.)

Let the silicone set/cure for the full 24 hours and you’ll be fine.


Both I tried where unresponsive just with a size c no response change or anything

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The Puffin didn’t strike me as a great playing yoyo. I thought of it as “Another CLYW.” Played like most CLYW’s, but lacked a certain “Something” IMO.


I was wondering the same thing, good to know it can hold silicone. Question my classic has a good amount of vibe from the fist day I got it… all I did was throw some pads in there and replaced the bearing with a speed bearing… just wondering if its common on classics or is mine just off ?


I have 5. They are all fairly smooth. I mean, typical plastic vibe, nothing that would drive me away from it.

It might be the bearing. My YYR Diffusion had a dirty bearing, and I cleaned that sucker out and the vibe went way down. I did have to clean the bearing anyways(it was getting slower and responsive), but I wasn’t expecting the vibe to go down.


Yea the vibe did go down when I put in a broken in bearing… just by comparing it to other throws in the $10 price range, its not the smoothest of the lot. At least mine isn’t.