YoyoFactory Protostar- Review

Here are some pictures

Manufacturer YoYoFactory
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 67.00
Width (mm) 42.79
Diameter (mm) 55.85
Gap Width (mm) 4.55
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 in x .500 in x .187 in Center Trac
Gap Type Fixed
Stock Response System Central Bearing Company - 888 size Pad


When I took it out of the box the first thing I noticed is that it had two small mould marks on the rims that look like dings and that the metal weight ring are actually silver metalic color, instead of white like they look on pictures. The combination of silver rims and red translucent body looks very nice. Everything on the yoyo looks perfect, when light is passing through it looks very good.

Shape, play:

The shape is a combination of angular speed shape and H shape with andgular rims like in the genesis. This makes it comftable and very suitable for doing tricks with speed. On the first throw it had no vibe, very smooth. This yoyo´s play I discribe it as floaty and speedy. The weight distribution is so good the doesnt feel 67 g, feels light while having the advantages of a heavy yoyo and doesnt tilt when doing tricks unless its varely spinning. It comes unresponsive out of the box.

The wide shape makes alot easier to catch slacks and eli hops or any trick that involves hops, the only problem I find is that its sometimes hard to do spirit bomb´s second pop because full sized on width and diameter, but I just have to practice.

Guts and response system:

The yoyo uses CBC pads, they give decent tight binds. Has a Center Trac bearing, I dont find any difference in play between a flat bearing and the Ct bearing.

The problems I had is the the spacer are stuck to the bearing and it you try to take them out they get scratched very easilly, Duncan spacer are better in that. The yoyo was too tight, when I was unscrewing it I actually thought the yoyo was going to crack, after I screw it back the yoyo had some vibe if I dont screw it till the to arrows match, if I try to screw it till the arrows it feels that its going to crack. I dont care about the vibe its really small vibe.

Compared to a metal:

It spins the same as my g5, the thing that a metal has the this yoyo doesnt is smooth feel when spinnig, vibe free play, grinds. This yoyo is not made for grinds the material is too gravy.


This yoyo is too good for 35$, spins the same as a metal. If you dont want to spend on a metal and you dont care about grinds, metal yoyo smoothnes and vibe free play, and grinds, get this. For a intermidiate to advanced player that knows or has an idea on how to bind this yoyo is the perfect choice. If you buy it, for that price you wont be disapointed

Ya the first to things that I noticed was that mine had two small dings on the rims and that the weight rings were silver not white. Neither affect the play though, so no biggy. But one thing on mine is that the spacers are stuck in the yoyo and not on the bearing. Actually after playing with it awhile the bearing doesn’t even stick on the spacers at all. By the way very nice review. You did an excellent job.

It doesnt spin the same time as a g5

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