ProtoStar Review (With Pictures)

YoYoFactory ProtoStar Review

YoYoFactory has done it again. They have set out to build a plastic yoyo that is as good as all the metals in the market. The result is the amazing ProtoStar. Designed by John Ando, you know this yoyo has to be really good.

Product Specifications (From YYN)

Weight (g)… 67
Width (mm)… 42.79
Diameter (mm)… 52.85
Gap Width (mm)… 4.55
Bearing Size… .250 in x .500 in x .187
Stock Response… CBC Pad

First Impressions

I opened the ProtoStar package to find a string and a trick sheet. It was a cool package, custom for the ProtoStar, not YYF’s standard box. As I pulled the ProtoStar out, I saw a beautiful translucent red yoyo, an awesome logo, and a silver inner metal ring. The ProtoStar has a very unique shape for a plastic, the first of its kind. Overall, the yoyo looks really nice. I put a string on it, and was ready to begin playing it.

The Play

Wow, this shape is comfortable! I really like the play because it is fast and smooth. I seriously forget I am throwing plastic because this thing plays so good. Because of the shape and the big size, you can land tricks pretty easy. Slacks, whips, and hooks are all pretty easy to do because of the size. If you like doing fun, easy tricks like Eli Hops, you can catch them easily. If you like doing another fun and easy one like boing-e-boing, you can catch it easy going up and down. It snap starts rally easily, also. Arm grinds aren’t amazing, but they don’t suck either. Once again because of the shape, you can keep it on awhile on finger grinds. But the thumb grinds however, aren’t that good. You can thumb grind with it, you have such little space to do it. Overall, fantastic play.

The Guts

The ProtoStar uses a Central Bearing Company Center Trac Bearing, which keeps the string centered, and avoids the string touching the sides. Because of this, the Center Trac Bearing makes the yoyo spin for a very, very, very long time. The ProtoStar also has 2 spacers and uses Central Bearing Company Pads, 888 size. Pretty standard.


In my opinion, you can’t get a better yoyo for the price of the ProtoStar. I think it plays as good as any metal out there. I would recommend this yoyo to anyone looking for an advanced yoyo for a cheap price, or an awesome addition to any ones collection. Great Job, John Ando and YoYoFactory.


Thanks for reading!

great review! great yoyo!

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Awesome. I was always thinking of buying one…
I think i might now. ;D

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What purple yoyo is it on the last picture?

thats an 888x

You won’t regret buying it. Truly an amazing player.

I think I’m definetley going to get one now, I had some doubts before but now I don’t, good, I mean great review!!!

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Great Review! :smiley:

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Awesome review…
I’m soo getting one…

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Ordered my Protostar, because of this review, thanks for reasuring my doubts

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i going to look into it now :slight_smile:
looks slick and cool 8)

i need help on how to take out the spacer without ruining it…please help me…how do i take the spacer out it is stuck to to the bearing

I want one! Awesome review!

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it is an awsome review

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i played with one and it had a huge vibe. i guess you got a good one.

Thanks for the nice comments!

@Cameron: Tell me what you think of it when you get it.
@yoyofactorykb24: If it’s attatched to the bearing take your fingernail and shove it in there and seperate it. If that doesn’t work, (try this at your own risk), I once took a knofe to it and put it where the crack was and bent the knife a little and it pooped off. Those are the only ways I know how to do it.
@yoyolvr: Yes sir, I must have.

Will do, I think it comes tomorrow, YAY! I could add my own little review, with pictures of course, to yours to make like a super wicked awesome review!

i waas gonna get this but i got the last green and black pgm

Go ahead, that’d be awesome

The PGM is also a good plastic throw, I think you’ll be happy with it.

yeah i believe so to
now just waiting for the day it gets here

but by this review i might get this yo to

in a while

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