yoyofactory protostar review


Color: red

diameter: 55.94mm
gap width: 4.43mm
response: standard size k-pad
weight:67.0 grams
bearing:CBC center trac bearing C size

unboxing/first impressions:

For starters the box it came in looks awesome. Compared to the other yoyofactory boxes it was much more appealing to look at. Whenever I saw pictures of the protostar I thought it was a cross between the genensis and severe, but when I first held the yoyo it felt much different than both of them.

First throw:

When I first threw it down I was amazed at how long it slept. Right out of the box I was able to do and whut. One bad thing about the yoyo is its really loud. I think its because the center trac bearing is so dry.

It plays great and is better, in my opinion, then any other plastic on the market. I could even say it plays better than my hectic. It does have a slight vibe but it is unoticeable. The grinding is not very good. I do not know if its the kind of plastic but it just doesn’t arm grind well. The thumb grinding is not very good either because the inner hubs stick out to far making it almost impossible to fit your thumb in there.I also tried it for 5a, this yoyo really excels at 5a because of its wide gap and long sleep times. It doesn’t snag during stalls and it can also takes lots of string layers .

Pros and Cons:

Pros:spins forever, free center trac bearing, unresponsive out of the box
Cons:slight vibe, not very good at grinding.

This is my first review so give me your opinions and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated

For the most part it was good but next time you do a review add a little more detail. But for a first review it was good.

to fix the vibe just take out the spacers and slowly put them in the bearing and screw it on slowly. the protostar plays better than all the metals that i have, i have the frantic. BEST YOYO EVER! i’d take this over a dv888

how do you get the spacers out because mine are stuck in

same here…when you get help please message me

ummm its not a free center trac bearing, you’re paying for it haha

Please don’t bring up old posts.