protostar review

Ok so this is my first review but here i go…
First Thoughts:
Ok when i first got it i liked the packing job yye did and when i opened it i was amazed. It fit well in my hand and the looks and color choices where well put together (i got the greenish yellow). When I first threw it it was smooth but had a vibe that made the yoyo look like it had a pulse but since back then i didn’t know to recognize a vibe i just thought it looked cool.

Pros: I’ve never owned a metal but i think im right when i say this played extremely well and way better than my other plastics.-but then again this is my first yoyo not from yomega :-. I also like the centertrac bearing because you almost never worry about the string hitting the response.

Cons: well it was for some reason responsive when i put on replacement k-pads but the real thing that annoys me is that the bearing get stuck on the spacers and to get them off if you’re considering buying a protostar is using the circular wire cutters on a pair of fishing pliers and use the side the blade isn’t on to grab the bearing then use back, and forth motion to yank the bearing off.

Stats: Diameter: 55.94mm
Width: 43.15mm
Gap Width:4.43mm
Response System: standard sized k-pad
Weight: 67.0 grams
Bearing Size: center trac bearing by cbc

Overall: It is a amazing yoyo and a need for someone going into advanced tricks. A bit of maintenance required but an amazing yoyo. Buy it.

please comment critcism is very welcome. As I said this is my first review. :slight_smile: