And yet another YYF ProtoStar review

Here is my first review I have ever written, it is on the ever popular YYF ProtoStar. And no, i won’t and can’t upload pics right now ;D

Diameter: 55.94 mm/2.20 in.
Width: 43.15 mm/1.69 in.
Gap Width: 4.43mm/0.17 in.
Response: CBC Slim Pad 19mm OD
Weight: 67.0 grams
Stock Bearing: Center Trac Bearing

So first off, this was the third yoyo I ever bought. I first purchased a YYJ KickSide, and then a hubstacked YYF PGM. The Protostar was the one yoyo I had always wanted. I must have watched that promo video with Paul Han and John Ando a dozen times :wink:

Anywho, I was very impressed when I got this throw. I decided to get a red, like the one John Ando uses, and I have to admit it looks great! Very vibrant especialy when playing in a bright room. It gives off the effect of almost glowing.

So I opened up the box and began to play. I went straight into some split bottom mount stuff, and was very impressed. The yoyo just kept spinning. It was so well balanced, and just kept going. It played very fast on the string. Played kind of floaty, but wasn’t over floaty. This was probably one of YYF best designs. I absolutely loved the feel in my hand.

Next I started doing tricks and the yo-yos shape made it really easy to land. I had used my brothers PSG and Asteroid, as well as my own PGM, and none of them play close to this. In shape comparison, the Protostar seemed like a cross between the PGM and PSG. It had the perfect angle and weight distribution for the ability to do any tricks you want. Anywhere from your first unresponsive yoyo to putting in your collection of $100+'s, this throw belongs in anyones case ;D

Cool, nice review. I was debating hard between the Asteroid/PSG and the Protostar and ended up going with the Protostar. Now after reading your review I am especially glad it chose it!

Thanks, its nice to know people appreciate it. And you wont be disappointed, Ive played all three of those throws, the protostar beats them out hands down :wink:

;DI’m soooo glad that someone appreciates a protostar. I love it. i have a red protostar too. By the way, good review ;D

I need to get another protostar before the neon collection goes away. I traded all of the ones I had before.

I got money for my birthday and I’m going to order the original John Ando Protostar Red (the neon collection one have bad colour schemes in my opinion). Your review is terrific! I feel a lot better when someone doesn’t put cons for a review. My first yo-yo was the Yomega Raider, then the Yomega Glow wing. Third one and currently using is the YYF WHiP. Also, I watched the promo’ video of the Protostar more than I can count, too.

Great review, but I don’t see how the Protostar has a similar shape to the PGM in any way. They are polar opposites. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, i have only thrown around 10 yo-yos, and the pgm seemed bulkier, while the psg seemed skimpier. I was trying to explain how its angle looks like, not the entire yo-yo, and with my limited throwing i wasn’t sure how to explain it. Sorry for the confusion ;D

sometimes it worries me when someone doesn’t list cons. I would rather know a definite list of cons then be kept wondering what they are.

Well, the only big con is that it can’t grind, except a little bit of thumb grinds. Also it can be hard to get the bearing out to clean.

;D if those are the only cons, then I would consider that list a “pro”, if you know what i mean. Good review by the way.

i have four protostars ;D