YoYoFactory ProtoStar; The Plastic Beast


Looking back into the past, I remember the YYF countdown blog release 10 different yoyos for worlds. I was always checking to see what that last yoyo was. I assured myself it was going to be a phemonmenal metal yoyo, as I was a YYF fan boy at the time. When I check that next morning after the “Midnight release,” I was more than displeased to find it was a plastic. And when it came to stores even more displeased it was made in China; because I though it would be low quality. But I decided to give a little, and give it a chance, because, as they say, best is for last…

First Impressions:

As I opened the box, I found a string. But I also found an instruction manual. I was estatic, because YYF looked beyond the fact of more of the “better” yoyoers, and reached out to the bgginers. It also include how to grind, bind and tips for keeping the yoyo maintained. And the last thing I loved that YYF did was arrows so no-one over/under tightened.

I set this in my hand. I had two things in my mind. Sticky finish, huge in the hand. This ProtoStar was big, or as we called full-sized. But it wasn’t uncomfortably big. It had a nice welcoming, H-Shape. As I threw it, I noticed the Center-trak was noisy. But is wasn’t the most annoying buzz. It spun fast and got the job done. I binded it, but I did notice that slippy feeling of K-Pads. But nothing major


I had an okay impression on the ProtoStar. But that doesn’t mean that I loved it. I played it for a few weeks before I made the decision. Was itstill quality, even though it is made in a country known to be not the best (no offense. ;)).

After those few weeks I have convinced myself the ProtoStar is amazing. The ProtoStar can handle many tricks a what not. The weight rings installed in it make this yoyo play beautifully. It gives it so much inertia inabling it to be a stable smooth player. It easily goes throughhorizontial trick as well as moving fast or slow. The binds were ok, but still was able to get the job done. The gap was also easy to catch the string in with no hesitation.

I found the only problem with this was grinds. You don’t expect it to grind well, I was just throwing it out there.


I would not be turned away from the ProtoStar. There may be some minor fixes, but those can be forgiven. The ProtoStar is a true player, and will always have a spot in my case. Because, it is “The Plastic Beast”.

ProtoStar Stats:

Diameter: 55.94 mm / 2.20 inches
Width: 43.15 mm / 1.69 inches
Gap Width: 4.43 mm / .17 inches
Response System: Standard Sized K-Pad
Weight: 67.0 grams
Bearing Size: Center Trac Bearing by CBC

-Gizzyo O0

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The protostar is my first unresponsive and the noise is overwhelming. Does it get better? I threw back in 2000-2003 ish and I was taught that as soon as the yoyo starts making noise it’s time to lube.

That was an excellent review, and I also love my Protostar. Also, MyRevival, some bearings just make noise. My Center Trac bearing in my Protostar makes noise but it isn’t unbearable. You can put some thin lube on it if you want. :wink:

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Thanks, I love my ProtoStar as well. Thin lube does help but it when the yoyo gets responsive and the bearing is noisy, that’s when it’s time to lube.

Thanks for tips, and the great review. The protostar does feel really good in the hand. and feels amazing on the end of the string.

nice reivew!
I HATE full sized yoyo but protostar is just so good. I love it so much… I like it better then all of the metals I have…

nice review the protostar is amazing!

being a beginner. i must say the protostar is really good for it’s price. the wide shape helps me better when i’m bind-ing and yes. it can be a plastic. but its really awesome. it even outplays my friend’s Superstar as well as the Severe. its amazing

It is most definetly amazing, it’s one of my main throws! And again thanks you for all of the great feedback. :wink:

Great review!
Is there any way to make the binds better?
Thanks :wink:

great review

I love it! The one thing they need to fix is the spacers getting stuck to the bearing! I’ve tried and tried but still wont budge. I want to replace the bearing because my other is better!

Good review!

OMG!!! The ProtoStar! The best plastic ever!!! I love it so much, and can’t stop playing with it. It plays so different then you would think people.

Great review

Great review, it helped me to solidify my decision to buy the Protostar as my first ‘upper level’ yoyo. Before it, all i had thrown were Duncan Freehands, and Yomega Mavericks. I was leaning toward a Dark Magic, but in the end, the Protostar just seemed like the smart choice. Thanks for the Review!

The Protostar really does blow my mind every time I pick it up to throw it. It’s just inconceivable to me that plastic can play this good. And every “con” I’ve heard about it so far is easily remedied with just a little time and effort.

To answer anyone’s questions about slippery binds, silicone (either flowable or RTV) will work fine to improve them, though honestly since the Protostar has basically no wall whatsoever and a very wide gap, slippery binds are almost inevitable to some degree. Of course with practice and solid binding techniques (most importantly), this shouldn’t be a problem after some getting used to.

As for the sticky finish and basic inability to perform grinds… I’m not sure why I haven’t heard of more people doing this, but I put a spiral satin finish on mine using up to 1000 grit sandpaper and it’s absolutely amazing - problem solved and then some. I’d say it’s even better for grinding than most straight-anodized metals.

So put some silicone in the response and bust out the sandpaper for a satin and you’ve got the ultimate plastic throw and an excellent daily player.