YYF ProtoStar Review by C-DUBS

YoYoFactory ProtoStar Review by Cody Wright

Why I chose this yoyo:
I decided to go with the ProtoStar because I was taking a trip to New York last weekend, and I didnt want to bring any of my expensive yoyos, cause I didnt want them to get real damaged. So I bought this a couple days before the trip, so I would have something to throw no matter where I am, and not worrying about the chance of dinging an Expensive metal yoyo. When it came in the mail the day I was leaving for the trip, I was excited to try it. The Blue looked Awesome! :smiley:

First Throws and Thoughts:
Wow. Pretty smooth, I thought. When I tried it on my combos, it did really well. Performed nicely. But one thing that really stood out for me is how quiet it is. Compared to a lot of Plastic throws, this thing was Quiet. Maybe im just an idiot, but I was really impressed about the quietness. And I know a lot of people say sleep time doesnt matter, but im just gonna say it, it sleeps as long as a High end metal. The only problem I have/had with it so far is that it just has a tiny but vibe. But other then that, Really smooth, especially for just a $35 Plastic YoYo.

How it Plays:
Its smooth on the string, sleeps long, and just plays super nice. Fast and Sideways play is no problem with this. Another thing that pushes people away from getting this YoYo is that the material is not so great for arm grinds, or really any kind of grind. It will basically just skip off your arm, or palm when attempting to grind with it. Another Sweet thing about this throw is that its one of the best YoYos iv tried for Gyro Flops. It will just flop and flop for a really good amount of time, with being able to bring it back up to your hand smoothly. Also another thing you might note before buying this YoYo, is that it can see a bit light if you are used to Metal YoYos such as the SuperStar, MVP, Heavy Hitter, etc. So it may take a little time to get used to how light it is. But besides those little things, this thing plays Incredible.


Throwing Plastic. ProtoStar Video:

-Long Spins
-Looks Awesome
-Only $35

-Not good grinding surface
-Little Vibe
-Can be a little light to some players

I highly recomend this YoYo at any level of play, as long as you know how to Bind. There are minor issuses with it, but can be overlooked. Its definitely the best Plastic YoYo iv ever tried, and I hope if you ever get the chance, to purchase this Great YoYo for only $35. YoYoFactory, you have got yet another Sweet YoYo at a low price. Thanks for Reading. Comments and Tips will be Appreciated. :wink:

Rule #1 of reviews:
Never try to give yourself a nickname. Ever.

LOL. actually my friend gave me that nickname. then people started to call me by that name on Facebook and stuff, so I just kinda went with it. :smiley:

lol. The yoyo is the size of your hand xD

Nice review, although Quinton has a good point.

Nickname’s not catching broski.

Also nice toilet paper backgrounds. ::slight_smile:

I’ve had the name Cody for almost 24 years now, and if someone called me “C-DUBS” I think I’d be insulted.

Anyway, that’s a really good review . And the Blue looks awesome, good color choice!

good review. i want a pair of protos!

LOL. its actually Paper Towels. :smiley:

Hey C-Dubs! nice review bro, i just got a green used protostar a few weeks ago. The pads were gone so i silicone it, actually it plays even better! It was a bit vibey and responsive, but after a few hrs of play it went away, and actually now with the silicone it plays better and has practly no vibe with the silicone. Thing has never played better! I took out the centertrac and put it in my Genesis, i telln u what i cant wait to get a centertrac back into it it makes soo much of a difference lol. Also i wanted to tell u, be careful because after time the metal spacers the bearing sits in, they start to get loose, time to time, ill pull the bearing and the spacer out lol.