Weekly Reviews: Week 2- Protostar!



This is the 2nd week of June, so here’s my 2nd review! Wouldve had it up earlier but I had stuff going on the past few days and didn’t have time. This week’s review is on the protostar! I’ve heard many, many great things about the protostar and I just had to get one to try! So let’s see if the protostar can live up to its expectations!

String Used: JAMS YoYo String

First Impressions

I was really excited when I got my package in the mail. I checked my mailbox first thing when I got home and there it was! I grabbed it, ran inside and ripped it open. I could see the protostar was a nice full sized throw. I got the blue one, and it looks real nice. The inner metal rings added a nice touch to the look of the yoyo.The plastic didn’t feel cheap, this may sound a little strange, but I feel like it’s plastic that’s trying to impersonate a metal. It had a nice feel to it. The yoyo is H-shaped and was very comfortable in the hand. I was ready to give the protostar it’s first throw.


Diameter: 55.94 mm
Width: 43.15 mm
Gap Width: 4.43 mm
Response System: CBC Slim Pad
Weight: 67.0 grams
Bearing: Center Trac






On a Throw

The Protostar has an attitude. It doesn’t play fast, and this yoyo shouldn’t be used for fast play. This is a yoyo solely for slow, relaxed, smooth play. Very fun yoyo for when you are just messing around. This thing is crazy stable, it never tilts or turns. It’s even more stable than my One Drop MarkMont Next and Y Factor. It’s also great at doing combos. You can do combos on the Protostar that you can do on a One Drop. The Protostar plays like a metal, but is made of plastic to keep prices low. Gyroflops and regens are great, this is a good yoyo to start learning gyroflops and regens on. Not the best yoyo to do grinds on though. You can’t really do finger grinds or arm grinds because the plastic gives it too much friction. Thumb grinds are okay due to the metal rings but they aren’t amazing, and it’s kind of hard to catch a thumb grind. There’s no IRG whatsoever and you don’t have much room for your thumb, but if you do get a hold you can get a few seconds off of a thumb grind. Binds are nice and tight. You can bind the Protostar back to your hand with a breeze even when spin is low, so snap starts are pretty easy. This yoyo plays great, but as I said before, this is a more relaxed throw so if you have a fast style, this yoyo might not be for you.

Vs. the Dark Magic II

I chose to compare these 2 yoyos because the DMII(Dark Magic II) and Protostar will always pop up when a beginner-intermediate asks for what yoyo to get. This doesn’t surprise me, they are both great throws and have similar qualities. They are both very stable, which is great for learning. I think the Protostar very slightly beats out the DMII in stability. The Protostar can handle slightly longer combos, but that’s probably because of the Center Trac bearing. The Protostar also regens a little better, again, probably because of the Center Trac bearing. As I said earlier, the protostar is a slower yoyo, the DMII is a more all-rounded yoyo, you can play a little faster if you want to, or a little slower and smoother if you want to. This might lead new buyers to get the DMII over the Protostar, so that they can develop and see what type of style they use. Grinds are also slightly better on the DMII then the Protostar. Finger and arm grinds last oh so slightly longer. If you take the caps off the DMII, it can thumb grind about 2-3 seconds longer than the Protostar, and is easier to thumb grind on. I’d say regens are about even.

Now, let’s talk specs. The size of these 2 are very similar as well. The DMII is less than two tenths larger in diameter. The Protostar is a little under 2mm wider than the DMII. Now, the weight. The DMII is 2 grams heavier than the Protostar.



-very stable
-slower, more relaxed(if you like that)
-dead smooth
-good regens
-good gyroflops
-long sleep time
-tight binds, easy to bind when spin is low

-slower, more relaxed(if you don’t like that)


The Protostar is a great choice for an intermediate player who just started to do binds. It is very stable and forgiving for when your learning tricks. Binds are tight and relatively easy to do. The Protostar does play on the slower side, but if you are new to unresponsive and 1a, I find you will generally play slow anyways. However, it might be a downside if you are experienced and have a faster style. Overall, this is a great yoyo for someone who is just getting into unresponsive. All of it’s good points are perfect for a newcomer. It’s also a great yoyo for more experienced throwers to bring along with them on the go. The Protostar is a very nice yoyo, and it won’t break the bank so you won’t have to worry too much about losing a bunch of money on a yoyo you don’t like. thumbs up

I hope you guys liked my review! Tell me what you guys think below! Don’t be a lurker, I want feedback! ;D


It IS trying to impersonate a metal, that was the whole point of making the Protostar. Also, I’m surprised that you said that it’s a slower, more relaxed yoyo. I don’t own one, but when I tried one before it seemed like a faster throw to me.


I own one and it’ll get moving pretty quickly without too much fuss IMO. North Star is a little slower, as you’d expect, but I enjoy both.


Good review buddy. Look forward to seeing the next.


The vs. the dark magic 2 thing confused me a bit, I own both and the DM2 is pretty slow and takes a little bit more strength to get up to speed while the protostar is more quick and nimble on the string. The protostar probably does longer combos due the shape of the yoyo because the string doesn’t rub against the edges as much as on the DM2, this can be a problem if you don’t throw straight but if you do you won’t notice a large difference in spin time and stuffs…


Sorry if you guys think Im wrong about the speed. I just felt like thr protostar cant go THAT fast. I feel like its more suitable for slower play. IMO it doesnt feel right to play fast with thr protostar but thats just me. I just have more comfort going fast with other throws, it just didnt feel rightwith the protostar.


Just curious, what “faster” throws are you comparing it to?


I have had a few protostars. They play decently fast, but GUYS. He is using a markmont next. That thing is FAST!


I guess i need to try more yoyos :stuck_out_tongue: the majority of my yoyos are faster than the protostar, with the exception of my Y Factor…