OK everyone who has had the protostar or used it please tell me what u like about it and what u don’t cause i’m considering buying it…

I say go for it. This yoyo can really compare to a Dv888 or other cheap(er) metals. Go fot it.

The Protostar is awesome. It’s a little loud, depending on the bearing. It’s big, but extremely stable and smooth. Binds are nice and tight, and the silicone pads are cheap, the catch zone is laughably easy to hit, and it plays like a metal.

not as loud as the fast 201 right??? I annoyes the heck out of me

It’s about the same. Its not the grating sound you get with a 201, but a whirring noise. It drives my mom crazy. If you can’t stand loud noise, you can lube it and that might help.

It is a great yoyo. Not as smooth as high end yoyo’s, but definatley matches in play. It is super stable, has great binds, and best of it is cheap.