YYF Protostar Review

First Thoughts: Ok, I heard the YYF Protostar was an Extremely Good Plastic Yoyo, so I thought I would get it. I got the Yellow, just because I thought it would look cool.

Unboxing: I unrap the Bubble Rap, and fine the Yellow Protostar (Obviously) and some string. I was right, the Yellow Protostar looks Really Cool. I put some string on it, and I was ready to go!

Play: It is Pretty Smooth. Not the Smoothest, but Its still a Smooth Yoyo. The Sleep Time is Amazing for a Plastic Yoyo. I got a 2 and a half Minute Sleeper on it. It can pretty much handle all my tricks. Its Very Stable. I just love this Thing. It looks Cool, and plays Great. And for it to be $35, you won’t regret buying it.

Cons: I honestly can’t find anything bad about this Yoyo. The only thing I can say bad about this yoyo, is that It sometimes gets a little loud. Its probably just the Center Track Bearing.

Pros: It sleeps long, Its Smooth, Its Stable, It plays Great. There is no reason why you shouldn’t buy this yoyo. It doesn’t matter how advanced you are.

Overall: Sorry that this Review was kind of Short, and not that good. Im just in Ohio visiting my relatives, and I dont really have much time on the computer. So, I hope you liked my Review. Tell me what you think! :smiley:

Nice review! It truly is an awesome player for the price!

Good review. Here is a con about it, that bothers me alot; the spacers and bearing are stuck to the yoyo and are really hard to take out and the spacers are made of really bad quallity metal.

awsomeee :smiley:

weight and size and shape you could add ;D

nice review i think i will get a se one at worlds

Yes this happened to me a LOT at first.
Then the spacers start grinding against the spacer hole in the cap leaving flakes all over.
After a while it gets all loosey-goosey and barely does it anymore.

Otherwise, the ProtoStar is a GREAT plastic for its price!