Protostar Review!

Welll… Um… Yeah I know I said I was going to review the Offstring, and Pocket change a while back… And well… I haven’t… It happens… I’ll get around to it… maybe… But now its time for the Protostar review!!! Yay! I got this yoyo for Christmas and am now reviewing it three months later! Yay! But here we go!

I found the slim pack… I was like “Sooo cool! Im getting a yoyo!!” So I rip it open wondering what I got… I was hoping for a SEVERE or 888x but was suprised to see a protostar… I instantly fell in love…

First thoughts… It looks great… I was a little upset… I have a Grey protostar and it was before the arrows… And now there are the Blue and Green/Yellow Protostars which look soo much cooler than the grey. But its still a very good looking yoyo… A Very slick design. I love the shooting star logo on it. John Ando knows his stuff…

I enjoy the size… I just got a C13 and am torn with it… Im finally coming to the realization that, I do not like undersized yoyos…(I did not care for the M1 and I like the C13, but I wish it was bigger, like an MVP.) I’d like to try a rounded-undersized yoyo just to be sure… Like a Hatrick, or Boss or 888x yanno? Back to the Protostar… Its Huge, and fits to the hand well… The sharp angles wrap around your throw-finger neatly and offers smooth throws.

Another thought is why this shape? Wasn’t Johns yoyo of choice the superstar? Why not let him make a plastic superstar? That would be sick… This yoyo looks alot like the shape started with the Hectic… You know? Sharp angles and flat-ish rims? Like the SEVERE, Lunatic, Chaotic, or even the Buddha King 2.

Well I gave this bad boy some playtime. The only thing I can say… is… its… AMAZING!!! This is totaly one of my favorite throws…It is extremly smooth and spins for ever! Its hard to find anything I dont like about this yoyo… Except for two small things…

One, not very severe problem, is it doesn’t grind well… The plastic is super grabby and flys across your arm. It does this well, and even retains alot of spin time afterwards, but you can hold it on one place for long like your finger of palm with out killing loads of spin. So its not very possible to do tricks that involve grinds, like a palm grind to brent stole move…

And the more serious problem (But not that bad) is the response… The CBC pads are super grabby and bind weird… Some times they will and somtimes they wont… I know there has been a few times where I do a certain bind that goes well with the trick, like going from a barrelroll/lindy loop/skin the gerbil style trick into a mickey-style bind and it just shoots up into the air with out binding and just ends up leaving me looking like a dweeb. I have found though, that one fresh CBC pad and one worn out one makes for great play… Some times I still get poor binds with offer loose and lousy throws.

The Center Trac bearing plays great, spins forever, but is pretty loud, and I’ve found the spacers can be a pain in the you-know-what to get off of said bearing.

To sum it all up, this is a must-have yoyo… And its SOOOOO cheap… 30-35 dollars is a steal for this… I’d be more than willing to pay 50 for this and 110 for a metal version… If you get the chance pick one up! Its very worth it.

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I’m really itching to get one of these, as people keep on raving about how well it plays for such an amazing price, as well. It would be my first yoyo with a CBC response.

Its a great yoyo! Soo worth it, and you do get used to the response… I’d say go for it

I totally agree. But the binds are a little weird but it still rocks. It has great spinning and looks great. IT’S AWSOME.

Yea took me a while to get the bind down perfectly. But it helped me a lot in actually learning how to do a proper bind!

I just got this yoyo a few days ago, and so far it has been the best yoyo I have ever owned. Yes it is a little hard to bind but if you wrap it twice it’s pretty consistent.

My protostar was hella vibey, I tried everything to fix it… It doesn’t really matter though i guess. Everyone has been ripping on the new CBC pads saying they are crap. When I put fresh ones in, I try to play hard with the response, I like the feel of having a pad not quite as grabby as the regular white K-pads.