Hello, I’m thinking of buying the YYF Protostar but I want your personal opinion on it. Please reply and tell me what your opinion is. ???

Thank You

-therandompersonwhowantstobeproandbeawsomethisisreallylong ;D

its a great throw for a plastic probably one of the best out there

and the CT-bearing is my best bearing

(using it on my dv888)

Best Plastic Yoyo

Get it and be amazed.

Everyone goes crazy over it for a reason.

It’s a TANK plastic that makes it easy to do string tricks.
Unlike metals you won’t be worrying about dinging the ProtoStar. I’ve dropped it, smashed it on the ground on particularly bad throws, and had it hit countless walls, ceilings, and doors when I started learning yo-yo tricks (it was a rough start. ;D) It’s still in amazing condition.

Horrible for grinds. I never found this a problem since I don’t grind (or even know how to. lol).

I have to ask … what yo-yos are you using/have used in the past?
The ProtoStar will match and maybe even exceed some metal yo-yos out there today.
It’s only $35 too.

I’d say get it for sure.

getting it today!!!

I had a Lyn Fury but it broke >:( (bad throw and the axle snapped and I can’t get it out lol)

I’m sorry… Please elaborate on how a person snaps the axle of a yoyo from a “bad throw”. Do you mean “bad throw” into a wood chipper? Off a mounta- nope, that wouldn’t even do it. There have to be some other circumstances involved here, axles don’t snap when you throw a yoyo. Lol.

The Protostar is an excellent yoyo. The best plastic yoyo I have played, but the PGM v2 is a close second. :wink:

Its true lol. Since I was a begginer I kept on hitting it on the ground occasionaly and overtime it probably built up :wink:

Is the K-Pad response pad as big as the Grind Machine Pad? I was thinking of buying K-pads because I heard that siliconing it wasn’t that great. Is his true?

Will extra spacers make the play better since it already has spacers? I’m getting today so I need to know fast

No. There is no need for spacers unless you break or lose the ones that come with it.

Is silicone good on this yo-yo and also should I clean/lube or keep the bearing stock?


Silicone will work in it. Also you could add a tiny bit of thin lube but it is not necessary.

best plastic yoyo ever made
sleeps really long!
and you sometimes forget that you have a plastic yoyo instead of a metal!