YoYoFactory Large Bearing Hectic - YoYosElement review

Well, for my first real “pro” review, I’ve decided to review the YoYoFactory Hectic. Notice how all my older reviews are now locked, I may re-review those soon.

Aahh, the Hectic. What a fine yoyo! I got this yoyo at Redondo Beach’s Sunshine Kite Company, but off Jeromy (SenorYOYO).

Specifications (Provided by YoYoNation):

Manufacturer  YoYoFactory 
Shape  H Shape
Weight (g)  65.40 
Width (mm)  34.78 
Diameter (mm)  50.08 
Gap Width (mm)  4.26 
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)  .250 x .500 x .187 in 
Gap Type  Fixed 
Stock Response System  Kentaro Pad - Medium Sized
Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized

First impressions:

YoYoFactory is an amazing company, with many amazing yoyos. But price is something people always complain about, from their shoe’s high prices to yoyo’s high prices. Everyone wants a metal yoyo, but some people cant
afford them, no one should complain with the prices of the new line YoYoFactory made called the fundaMETAL line. These yoyos can compete with the expensive yoyos YoYoFactory makes, but don’t have Hubstacks.

Comfort and tech:

When I first saw this yoyo, I thought the shape was very unique and it may take some getting use to. When I felt it, it was a whole different story! It felt comfortable in my hands and had a really nice feel to it. It is an undersized yoyo, so it fits very well in the hand. So, before you think the shape isn’t for you, give it a try, you might just love it.

The beadblast on this yoyo is flat out, one of the softest and most comfortable beadblast to grind with I have ever expirienced. It feels like…nothing is on your arm, a spectacular feel. The Thumb Grinds aren’t as good, with the small lip and everything, but they are a lot better than you’d expect from a lip this small. This is an awsome yoyo for Thumb Grinds and Arm Grinds!

If you like undersized yoyos, this will likely be one of your favorites.

On a throw:

Probably one of the smoothest yoyos I’ve ever played, no wobble or vibe at all, but there is something that gives this a little extra, I’m not sure how to explain it. Since it is undersized, it will be really easy to guide through small openings when going tricks like Ladder Escape. My favorite part is actally the…Flops, that’s right, Gyroscopic Flops are where this thing shines, my guess would be because of the unique shape, but I’m not too sure about that.

Overall, this is an awsome yoyo. Perfect for grinds, string tricks, Flops, and probably anything you throw at it.

Very nice review, very thorough! Keep up the good work! You should do product demos… as in show how it plays. Good work though! :wink:

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Awesome man!!! Uhh, you might want to fix the word “these” in paragraph 1 line 3. ;D

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Nice review!

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Nice. Very good review. Descriptive, and well written. :slight_smile:

Edit: I was also the first view and first comment on the video. ;D

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Thanks for the catch.


Great review gm. I am looking forward to seeing more from you. ;D

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Thanks, and just so I don’t keep doing this thanks for all the positive comments!

No problem buddy. ;D

Very nice review!

Nice review.

Might not want to use the exact same set up as YoYoSkills… (Or very close)

I don’t mind,
Its not like I own the format or anything.
I think that it is a good format to make sure your reviews cover all needed details

Nice review GM

You’re steppin’ up ur game man! Im gonna have too get my next too reviews out of the oven fast. Haven’t even started. I love the fact that you included a video. Too bad i don’t have a camera!!! :smiley:

Nice review! :wink:

Nice review! Keep it up. Im not to fond of the Hectic’s shape but whatever. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice review! Keep it up!

Happy Throwing! =]

Very nice review!

Great review, nice pictures!