YoYoFactory Gold Edition Skyline - YoYosElement Review

Specs (From YoYoNation):

Manufacturer  YoYoFactory 
Shape  H Shape

Weight (g)  63.00 
Width (mm)  39.80 
Diameter (mm)  50.45 
Gap Width (mm)  5.08 
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width)  .250 x .500 x .187 in 
Gap Type  Fixed 
Stock Response System  Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized


YoYoFactory…YoYoFactory, such a great company.

They brang it with a bang releasing the 888, but the Skyline was its brother, and was it good!
A bit lighter, a slight H-Shape, awesomeness. The Skyline is an amazing yoyo, it is somewhat based off the 888, the only thing they changed was the slight H-Shape, and the wheight, and not much else.

The Hubstacks are a great addition also.

First thoughts (before the throw):

Honestly…I didn’t think of it much before the throw.

I was so exited to open it, I didn’t look at it much.

One thing I did notice however, is how it didn’t fit too well in the box, it was loose in its box, so I was like, “This thing must be pretty small”. I was glad though, I loved my M1, and that was very undersized.

It also seemd fairly light when I was putting on a string, so that was actually something I wasn’t too familiar with, light yoyos.

First throw:

The first throw, was, well…amazing.

First thing I noticed was how smooth it was, super-mega-extra-double smooth! And it is very forgiving on a bad throw, so you don’t need to worry about that.

I also noticed how it was very light, and I wasn’t a huge fan at first.

The SPEC bearing was great also, I love how those are unresponsive right out of the box.


The Skyline is small, and fits very well in the hand, I love that part of it.

Fits very well, and the finish is comfortable to hold.

Very nice feel if you like small yoyos.

On A Throw:

Smooth, light, fast, great!

I got use to the feeling of the lighness of the Skyline the first few hours, and I like it now.

The smoothness is hard to explain, I guess a glow should do it; SMOOTH

Its also very fast, but is great for longer string tricks.


Eh…not too great.

The glossy annodation YoYoFactory uses is what I don’t like about this yoyo, it doesn’t grind too well at all, but I can do some grinds.

It feels smooth-ish on your arm while grinding, but is kind of “Grippy”.

But know this is only on Gold Edition Skylines, some are beadblasted.


Awesome 5A player!

It’s light, and I like that for 5A.

Its hard to explain, its just awesome.


I used the word a lot in the review, and I will use it more:


Light, Small yoyo, if you like that, the Skyline is perfect for you.

It got this low overnight? ??? :o


Great review! I don’t think the 2009 eight8eight grinds that great either, and it is semi-glossed.

Cool picture video too. I liked your review.

Edit: I think everyone else was either jealous or shocked at how good the review was. ;D Kidding to those who didn’t post!

Awesome review man. As expected coming from gm user. ;D

Good review! Keep it up!