YoYoFactory Skyline Blue Edition - Review


This is the review of the YoYoFactory Skyline, Blue Edition. This is the new edition of the skyline and I believe it came in gold and blue. They only had the gold one on Yoyonation so I bought the blue one from Yoyoz.co.uk.


YoYoFactory Skyline yo-yo, Blue Edition – http://www.yoyonation.com/product.php?productid=16789&cat=0&page=1 (it’s the same as the blue except it’s gold)

Manufacturer                                 YoYoFactory
Shape                                         H Shape
Weight (g)                                         63.00
Width (mm)                                         39.80
Diameter (mm)                                 50.45
Gap Width (mm)                                 5.08
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type                                         Fixed
Stock Response System                         Turning Point K-Pad YoYoFactory Sized


It came neatly packaged in a yyf box, looking like the most beautiful yoyo in the world. It was packaged very well and couldn’t move at all. It also had a very shiny dark blue and overall it looked like it was properly made and built. The string was not attached to the yoyo, when I opened the box it was sitting in a little compartment above the yoyo. It was green and matched perfectly with the color of the yoyo.




I could feel the quality on the first throw. It’s perfectly balanced and doesn’t wobble or vibrate at all. It wobbles for a second maybe on a bad throw and then balances itself to perfect spinning. Stock it came with a YYF SPEC bearing and it was dead unresponsive and had excellent spin time but I then replaced the spec bearing with a KonKave. It took a little while to break in the bearing but now it’s even better for me. The response system is great, offering total unresponsiveness but very tight binds.

The skyline has a slight H shape which suits me perfectly. It is also slightly undersized, almost matching the measurements of the 888. It’s also a little lighter than most yoyos out today but has the perfect weight for me. The size, shape and weight of the skyline mean that it flies in and out of tricks with great speed. It is also very smooth on the string and doesn’t really mind having more layers of string on it. It has no vibe or wobble and is very forgiving on bad throws. It also has excellent spin time, I can make it spin for over 5 minutes and I’m not really a yoyo expert or anything.

The thing I was really excited to try out on this yoyo, was the addition of hubstacks. The hubstacks are awesome and spin for a really long time. I also wanted to see how the play is without hubstacks so I tried to take them off but had a few problems which were quickly solved thanks to the helping members of this forum. I found out that the hubstacks don’t affect the playability of this yoyo at all. I think that the addition of hubstacks is a great idea but there’s not really a lot of tricks you can with them.

The surface of the yoyo is very smooth and it’s great for grinding. This yoyo can grind for an incredible amount of time. You don’t even feel it’s spinning, it’s so smooth. You can also thumb grind it on its inner ring and I didn’t have any difficulties thumb grinding, it was pretty easy. There’s one thing I have to say though. I don’t know if this is normal, but when I thumb grind it, some of the anodization gets on my finger so my finger is all blue.







The skyline is an awesome player and a gorgeous yoyo. I also don’t understand why this yoyo is not as popular as the 888. In my opinion the skyline is a better player than the 888 but I’ve only played the 888 for a little while.
If you are a serious yoyoer,  this is a yoyo that you must buy or at least try. It’s my favourite yoyo for a reason.

This is an amazing review. I love your pics.

Anyway, this actually is as popular as the 888. If you go to several boards, you will see how many people have Skylines, and how fast they run out. A lot of people are getting pumped about the Seattle Skyline.

Well, the skyline is becoming more and more popular but I think that it’s still not as recognisable as the 888. I think that the 888 is still like the icon of the YoYoFactory company.

Great review, very detailed lol

i’ve tried the small bearing skyline and it was great
i bet the large bearing like urs is even better
great review man

Very nice review. I don’t know if i should get one. I like the pictures, great review. :wink:


Im either getting a Skyline or a Superstar for my birthday! :smiley: I dont know which to get though…i honestly and truly dont know…cough SKYLINE cough…did you hear something?

awsome review!

Is it compatible with the z-stacks and long tip stack?

Chances are no, but if it is, it will most likely cause a lot of vibe or wobble.

Why? I thought that all of the hubstacks in yoyofactory yoyos were the same size.

Yeah, but the size of the yoyos arent the same.

good and nice and clear and and… :)clear pics :wink:

I completley agree with your review and I am literally getting one tomorrow!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D

very nice review has many pics in it

I don’t know how yours is so smooth to grind and on the string. With my gold edition the anodizing is horrible for grinds and it has a lot of vibe, the reason I’m returning it. Anodizing=horrible grinds (I speak from past experiences)

Wow, from my experience, all the anodized yoyos i’ve tried are great for grinds. And I’m surprised your Skyline has a vibe - All the ones I’ve used are as smooth as butter.

How the heck do your anodized yo-yos grind smoothly. My SE DM, my Skyline and my brother’s M1 are the worst for grinds.

P.S. Maybe it is because I live in the tropical region.

Good review, I like all the pics you had in it to show the yoyo.

great pics!