Skyline Review

You hear about the 888, you hear about genesis, supernova, super-G, heck, you even hear about the superstar, but never do you hear about the Skyline. I picked up a Skyline a while back, and thought it review worthy, so here it is.

First Impressions

I got the blue and black acid wash edition, and it is breath taking, IMO a top three for YYF colorways.
I’ve always thought that YYF’s packaging was luring, the gold and black colors on it where just perfectly placed, and it screams, TAKE ME OUT AND PLAY ME, the packaging that this throw came in, like always is no exception.

Weight, Tech, Comfort
Diameter: 50.40 mm / 1.98 inches
Width: 39.77 mm / 1.57 inches
Response System: Central Bearing Co - CBC Slim Pad
Also Compatible w/ Slim K-Pad
Weight: 65 grams
Bearing Size: YoYoFactory SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)

The Skyline fits nicely into the undersized category at 50.40mm, but it plays like an undersized yoyo should, fast, controllable, and bouncy. I’ve always despised the combination of undersized and heavy, but the Skyline weighing in at 65 grams, is a good weight for an undersized throw IMO, but almost plays more like a 63/62 gram throw, but i think that due to the precisely balanced weight distribution.


When i first threw this thing, the two words used to describe smoothness came into mind… Oxy smooth. Those two words seem to come to mind every time i throw this yoyo. The Skyline can handle fast play, but still conquers on Guy Wright slow and smooth Style play, this throw will handle, and excel at any stile of play your feeling like at the time. The spin times i was getting out of this throw were more than acceptable IMO, i threw it just to calculate spin time, i was getting consistent sleep time of around 7-8 min.

Final Thoughts

Like a said before, you hear about almost all of YYF premium collection, all but the Skyline, and i think it deserves much more hype than it gets. Being as smooth (maybe even smoother) than my Hatrick/888, and being light, zippy, and undersized, i recommend this throw to anyone looking for their first metal, or someone looking to add a favorite for their growing collection, the Skyline is where It’s at.


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I vant.

You should include more photos, and give the specs. It was a pretty nice review though.

  1. Style
  2. Acceptable

Solid review, I just wanted to point out those spelling errors.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hear about the Skyline all the time, though not as much in recent months, admittedly, and I agree that it’s an excellent throw.

Thanks for the info, and keep up the good work!

thank you very much for you spelling corrections :slight_smile: and i to seldom hear about the skyline, you just hear about the rest much more.

Nice review. I love mine, it is so smooth :slight_smile:

  1. It should be hear.

  2. You didn’t change it to style.

That was a nice review, thanks!

Is it comparable to a superstar?

I’ve owned an SS, and the skyline played better IMO, also the shape and weight and size where all better on the skyline IMO, but those are just preferences