YYF Skyline

Would you recommend the Skyline or another YYF yoyo?

Are you open to other brands besides YYF? It would give you a wider variety of great throws to choose from.

It depends on what you like. I really enjoyed the Skyline, but it’s lighter and smaller than I generally prefer.
I also haven’t owned one for three years, though.

Yeah but I prefer YYF

Skyline is one of my favorites. Carried one all day at work today.

I would need more information.

What are you looking for as far as shape, size, weight distrbution and features? Also budget.

I didn’t care for the SkyLine, but it just didn’t line up with how I like things. For the money, I feel there might be better options.

I found it to be a very fun undersized throw

I was geared up to buy one. But I thought I would need a solid “serious” yoyo. Since I know a lot of spin dynamics. I got to try a monkey fist and a smooth move. I went for the smooth move. One of my favorites.
:slight_smile: just go with what you really want!

But if your looking for hubstacks. I would go with the stacked catalyst. That thing’s amazing

I didn’t like the Skyline at all, there are much better throws you can get for the money. As Studio said its all down to what preferences you want in size or weight.

I think the Skyline is a solid, serious yoyo. The fact that I didn’t care for means nothing towards the yoyo itself except that I didn’t care for it. People shouldn’t make a decision to NOT buy something just because I didn’t care for it. There’s a bunch of other top-selling YYF yoyos I also don’t like and those continue to sell because they are great yoyos.

Most people look at yoyos with hubstacks and the like to not be “serious”. I am not one of those people.

However, until the original spoter comes back with a bit more information, this thread is stalled.