cant decide

hey guys im wanting another yoyo but i cant decide which one to get. I cant decide between a superstar or a skyline because i have heard that they are both awsome. Please help me decide.

Well, if you like big heavy yoyos, go with the Superstar. If you like small average weight yoyos go with the Skyline.

Personally I would go with the Skyline.

thanks for the advice

Both great throws and you probably wouldn’t be disappointed with either. I’m a big fan of the SkyLine so that’s what I’d recommend.

I’ve been using a Superstar this weekend. I like “big and heavy” yoyos. This I like and the price ain’t bad either. I was pretty much done with buying more YYF, but this one has changed my mind. I’m not going to get it this time around, but maybe in a few months. But, the one I am borrowing has a centertrak in it, so I don’t know how much that is contributing to how smooth it plays. All I can say is I like it. A lot.

The MVP is another I want to try. I like the shape!

I have a Skyline and I woud say it is a pretty good yoyo but not great. I would go with the superstar.

I’m waiting for a Skyline, Ill tell you how I like it when I get it. (probably tomorrow)

MVP, sir. It stacks up to a lot of $200 yoyos.

I tried a Skyline today. The colorway was kinda, well, I won’t say, I kind of am not really a splash kind of guy. But, it did look amazing spinning. While it felt decent and solid and stable, it was too small for my preferences. It just didn’t seem to perform as I would expect for a yoyo of that kind of price. Now, the SuperStar, being the same price, it felt like a much more expensive yoyo.

Both are stacked, which I won’t say anything pro or con for stacks. They are what they are and that’s all that needs to be said. However, the concept of Z-stacking them is kind of appealing. I’m not really into the stacks on my PGM because they are hard to hit, but a Z-stack would work pretty good I would gather. But I digress.

If it came down to me having to choose, of the two, I’d just have to say SuperStar rather than the Skyline. It’s just preferences. I can certainly see people liking both or either yoyos.

OK, I’m getting REALLY interested in this one now.

My favorite YYF