YYF Skyline vs Superstar


Just wanted to know which is better.


Skyline is undersize. Lighter, too. Both yoyos are very smooth. Superstar is more focused on rim weight. I personally like the Superstar better. But, to be honest, the Code 2 is the same price and plays much better than both of them.

(2Sick Joey) #3

They are completely different in play because of the size. They do have a similar shape and look to them however they are two different yoyos.

Skyline- Very smooth, fast, agile, hubstacks, amazing colorways, a pretty good undersized. Only con about it is that it definitely lacks in spin time and it’s not that stable.

Superstar- smooth as well, can play fast (no hubstacks) or slower and floatier (with hubsacks), awesome colors and great spin times. Very versatile and can play all string trick styles well. It’s bigger and more of a competition throw compared to the skyline.

I own both and in my opinion I would choose the Superstar every time. The skyline is fun and can play really fast but the Superstar beats it in every aspect.

Hope that helped!


I’ve played both. I own a Superstar.

The Skyline just didn’t really perform what I felt it was selling for. It wasn’t bad, it just really wasn’t a good fit for me. I have nothing against undersized, I have plenty of undersized throws. It’s just one of those “not every yoyo works for everyone”.

Plus, the shapes and weight distribution are different, which also will play a factor in your preferences and reaction to it.

In summary, between the two, the Superstar was the one I felt was the better yoyo in accordance to my preferences.

At the same time, if the Skyline was bad, YYF would stop making it. They don’t seem to be stopping production so it must be selling well and be well received. The Superstar even has a “Made in USA version”, so it’s clearly a mover as well.

If we want to branch out, the Burnside plays better to me than the Superstar and costs way less. Still staying with the same basic shape, the Code 2 also in my opinion also plays better than the Superstar. Another similar priced option would be the Avalanche, new or OG.


Code 2 is da best.


I say skyline


wow I know have a bigger view for what yoyo to buy and does any body know when the Gray with gold splash supernova will restock I heard the supernovas production ended…any help?


both are awesome but skyline is awesomer

(sushi) #9

skyline love the shape