YYF Skyline VS ST Quark VS YuukstaVS Genesis

So I need to get a new yoyo, YYF Skyline VS ST Quark VS Yuuksta VS Genesis. Which one sholud I get or should i get a different one . Thanks.

i just bought a skyline on here supposed to be a great throw from everything i’ve read


I haven’t tried a yuuksta yet but out of the other 3 I would go for the quark but that’s just my preference

ok thanks are there any others similar to these in shape and price

Geneis because of it’s mad stability

Ive tried a genesis and a yuuksta. I really like the shape ,its very comfortable.Any of them will be great.

i hate skylines i think they terrible they have a very low sleep time id get the quark its amazing

Genesis and Yuuksta are my two main throws. They are both smoooooooth and rediculously stable. If you like full size, go with a Genesis. If you want something undersized and fast (and a bit cheaper), get a Yuuksta. The Skyline plays sorta like a Yuuksta as far as speed, size, and weight but is up in the $120 price range. Every yoyo you’ve named is great, especially the three YYF yoyos. I just think the Quark is a tad on the heavy side for its smaller size. Like every decision, it’s all up to YOU!