Skyline vs Hubstack genesis, which should i get?


which should i get?

(Owen) #2

Well, with all the facts about what type of yoyos you like, id say you should go with whatever one you think fits your preference best.


I prefer the genesis, but they are very different yoyos. Whatever looks best to you.


If you like undersized, go with the Skyline. It plays much faster than the Genesis. If you like fullsized, then obviously go with the Genesis. There’s no wrong answer these days. Its all about preference.


Although I’ve only had it for several hours, I love the Genesis. I don’t care for hubstacks whatsoever, I’m purely basing it off of the yoyo itself. My only issue with it is that it feels a very heavy with the stacks (obviously), and still doesn’t really feel THAT much lighter without the stacks. That’s just my opinion.