Skyline or Genesis?

Which is better? I’m leaning towards the Genesis because I like the shape more, and it is cheaper…

Wow four days and nobody has responded…sad. I have had both yoyos and the genesis and the skyline are both wonderful. They both have very great spin times so that is not an issue between them. Stability wise the genesis is more stable. The skyline is smaller so you can do things like potrusion easier and it can move a bit faster. I personaly recomend the genesis because if you push the skyline through a very stressfull combo that really tests the stability it can turn over on you. If you want, the genesis can move pretty fast too but not as fast as the skyline. hope that helped

I prefer the genesis
The genesis is big, stable, and beast at horizontal play
While The skyline is really smooth, small and fast when you remove the hubstacks

If you like oversized and really stable go genesis
If you like undersized and fast go get the skyline

In the end its personal preference and just get what you like the most