Genesis or 888x

They are similar in price and I was wondering which would be better to get.

the one that fits your prefferences.

The genesis is more stable and will spin longer. I love my genesis. small yoyos tend to not be as stable also. I have read reviews from respected reviewers who said that the 888x isnt for horiontal play and if you push it it will tilt.

If you have no preference go for the Genesis it has cooler colours.

If you want to try stacks out go for the 888x

i have both and they are both great
the genesis is large, h-shaped,extremely stable and kinda slow
the 888x is small, round, really smooth and has hubstacks

In a nutshell if you like large and h-shaped go genesis if you like small, round and want to try hubstacks go 888x

In the end its all preference