Genesis, Genesis+, or 888x?

Which one should I choose? Price isn’t an issue here. I know that hubs add a little vibe and get boring fast, but how much vibe do they add? And what are the spin times of these yoyos? Please reply if you’ve actually played with any of these.

If you want hubstacks, I think the genesis plus would be best. It is much more stable then the 888

they dont add much vibe but they mifght get boring but the 888x is just srait up not stable so it comes down to if u want hubs or not but like i said hubs will get boring and annoying all my yoyos have nubs

please please get regular genesis. the hubstacks add weight to the center which is what you want in a loopin yoyo and not a 1a yoyo, because weight in the center makes the yoyo easier to turn and flip over. i have the hubstacked genesis. incredible yoyo but i wished that i had got the other one. 888 isnt stable and wont spin as long as genesis.