Whats Your Opinion

Whats your opinion…Genesis Stacked, 888, or another yoyo your choice.

If the genesis has tone stacked then an 888. If your looking for 5a then go with the genesis stacked or not.

if you want hubstacks get a yyf superstar

The BOSS is a BOSS

Between the Stacked Genesis and 888 (presuming you mean the 888X). I’d go with the Genesis as it beats the 888X in terms of spin time and stability. Genesis also beats the Supernova by the way with regard to spin times. It has a lot of momentum. The Rockstar is also a great full size choice. Looking outside of YYF, the Hspin Pyro 3 is so so so good, beating all the undersized throws in my collection.

Many people prefer Stacked Genesis too.

Maybe the dna or mutant dna? They are fullsized 888.

GENESIS IS WAAY MORE stable than the 888. Get the genesis. If you don’t like heavy yoyos, get the 888. It’s faster than the Genesis.

I think you want to try dna or mutant dna