how fast is the genesis?

I am looking for a yoyo that is fast and can handle horizontals and can take a beating. That brings out the genesis and the yuuksta. Which one of these do you think would be faster/more stable?

Well I have the genesis and I personally feel its a little sluggish compared to my Dingo.

then again, the dingo is a mini yoyo.

I have both the genesis and yuuksta the yuuksta is much faster but the genesis is a lottt better for horizantels

Finally the genesis is slow but really stable while yuuksta is a lot faster but a little is less stable and smaller

how much better is the genesis for horizontals exactly?

More stable and stays side ways I’d say a lot better

GENESIS IS SLOW. Think of a rock. That’s why I’ve traded mine.

dreadnought but its big and expensive.

but i dont know if its slow maybe yes. but got good at horizontals.

The Genesis is pretty dang fast, but heavy. It isn’t real floaty, but the shape gives it a nice speed. I haven’t played the Yukksta, but it is lighter, and smaller. So I would imagine it would be even faster, and floatier. And scince it has a H shape, I would imagine it would be great for horisontal tricks just like the Genesis. Hope that helped some.

-James Reed

They seem about the same speed to me, but the Genesis will definitely be easier for 90 degree tricks.

I have also been thinking of the boss, can it contend horizontally with the genesis?

Just stay with the Genesis. If your looking to do horizontals, the Genesis, as it’s more floaty than the Yuuksta, but the Yuuksta is smaller and plays faster by slightly. And the Genesis also plays really fast. Look at Yuuki Spencer use it: same for Paul Han and ect. It’s really fast in the right hands. But matching to what you said, the Yuuksta. I have both yoyos, and I find them both as stable as each other. So I would get a Yuuksta if you prefer a Center-Trac bearing, or a Genesis if you like more of a full sized yoyo with a standard SPEC YYF Bearing that comes stock with it. :wink: I really hopes this helps you make a good decision.

The Genesis plays pretty slow to me. If you want something like a lighter and faster Genesis, the Protostar is probably your best bet. I think it’s a great choice since you get the best of both worlds: fast play, and great horizontal manipulation!

so, what exactly makes a yoyo good for horizontals?

Proper weight distribution

so…all weight possible to the rims?

No, not exactly. Weight distribution and wall size are the most important factors. You want enough rim weight to be able to stay horizontal when you need it to, but not too much so that you can’t manipulate the tilt of the yo-yo easily. A low wall is preferred, because they aren’t as stable, so the yoyo therefore can be controlled much easier.