DNA Vs. Genesis Vs. Superstar Vs. Catalyst

I am kind of a beginner going on intermediate. It’s been for the past couple days since I have been looking for an excellent yoyo and these four are the ones I have come up with. I have been spending hours on end just trying to pick one but I always end up on square one. To bring all this madness upon myself to an end, I finally decided to bring it to the yoyo experts. The reason why I chose these yoyos in the first place is because I am guessing that the medium weighted ones that are a full size would do well. For the DNA, I have heard that its size an weight are excellent and beat the 888. Any further information and opinions are accepted of coarse. In fact, if you have had experience with more than one, the better. Just tell me what you think would be the best out of the four or if other sizes and weights would perform best. By the way I’m not using yoyos for any other flashy style. Just plain 1A style for tricks. If you have any separate yoyo recommendations that would do well, post below for everybody else to see. Thanks so much for your time :slight_smile:

The DNA is a very big outlier in that set. It is way more organicly shaped and will not perform anywhere near the other three, count it out for sure. I have played and owned all of those yoyos.

Genesis - probably the best yoyo design by YYF and they will probably never surpass it, it has been tried and tested and is still very very good. Fast and stable with plenty of spin and can still play slow. Grinds well depening on finish.

Superstar - Hubstacks witch add center weight but you can remove them. Great yoyo, that is for sure. Not very good for rejections and has a very slight highwall witch is not that good. Even though it has that highwall it is very stable but it can not handle rejections very well. Spin time is good also but it can not move as fast as the genesis. Only grinds well if you get the one that has the grooves cut in it like the jensen kemmit superstar.

Catalyst - Honestly I was a bit dissapointed. It is fast like the genesis but does not have the same spin time. Balance is good but nothing like the superstar or geneis. Smooth and grinds well too.

All can thumb grind easily and the genesis is better than the other two for horizontal.

For ME it would be hands down genesis for sure. You can also try a superG, I will be getting one soon (permitting he ships timely) and the last I played it, I enjoyed it very much. Like the genesis but bigger rimmed. Can’t give a good account on the superG since I have not throughly tested it yet.

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It looks like my situation was solved just by that very helpful comment. Thanks for the reply and the excellent information. Honestly, I never expected to finally find the end to this sticky-situation and your provided comment was way high above my expectations. I greatly appreciate your time and effort. Can’t thank you enough and it looks like my mind is set. :slight_smile:

You may want to think about getting a hubstacked Genesis. It’s fun to have at least one yo-yo with hubstacks, and if you end up not using them, you can just take them off. Just a thought.

Hmm…I guess it wouldn’t hurt to have those come with mine. Sounds like a decent idea. Ehh, why not! :slight_smile: Thanks!

The genesis with hubstacks plays diffrently. The hubstack posts add 2 grams of center weight and it makes it slower even without the hubstacks. The regular genesis plays so much better and smoother as well.

Yea I actually noticed this afterwards and forgot to mention it. The hubstacks would make the Genesis too heavy which will throw off its feel and performance. Though, it would be nice to try out hubstacks just for fun. I figure though that it is not really an amazing and important feature of a yoyo though. Hubstacks are not widely-used so I’ll live without it.