Suggest me a Full sized yoyo.

I currently own two yoyos. a PGM, and a fast201.
I used to have a Skyline, but I sold that to my cousin, he liked it, I didn’t like how it was so darn small.

so I’m going to you guys to direct me to a yoyo to purchase.

money’s not a large factor, but cheaper would be nice.

I’m pretty flexible with yoyo shapes and what not. and I’ve been only using YYF yoyo’s, so far I’m not a big fan of yoyojam (didn’t like the feel of Dark magic(magically) and the other yoyo i’ve gotten to throw was a big ben, and that thing was… not something i’m a big fan of.)

I have this thing for hubstacks on my yoyo, albeit I honestly don’t use them.

the list of tricks I can do pretty well are roughly everything from intermediate, to advanced part 2 minus mondial and magic drop… I’ll get to those someday.

currently looking at Protostar, super star, Genesis(I hear they’re planning on a hubstacked Genesis?),
but if you guys would suggest any other “full size” yoyo, that’d be neato.

full size… is anything with a diameter of 2 inches or larger…right?

i suggest a genesis, severe, protostar, superstar etc
i think best for you is genesis its big in diameter and width :slight_smile:

the Genesis looks nice, but that hole in the middle of the yoyo halves can and will bug me.

any news on when the hubstacked genesis is coming?

I’ve got a protostar and I really like it. I also have a PGM and it plays way better than the PGM. In fact, it plays better than any yoyo I’ve ever tried (which is like four, but still).

well i have many yoyos with the hole in it doesnt do anything to effect play or anything actually my favorite yoyo is frantic and it has the hold in it. many great yoyos i have have the hole in it like genesis frantic dv888 doesnt do anything

it’s not that it’s going to do anything. but the look of that hole being there, just bugs me a little bit, it looks as if something could(or should) go there. and that’s what bugs me.

Bump, I greatly appreciate your comments on Protostar and Genesis, but I don’t want to limit myself to YYF yoyo’s just because I don’t enjoy yoyojam’s Dark Magic.

anyone know of any other med-full sized yoyo’s i should look into?


both look like quality yoyo’s, but what makes them better than a Superstar, or a Genesis?

well theres no such thing as a “Better yoyo” but they are very good even better in some peoples opinions and worse its all up to the person so if you like that shape its then it might be good for you.
Also please give us preference.

I’d kill for a YYF DNA… that’s probably what I’d hope to have. but since those aren’t in production(please correct me if i’m wrong) i’m SoL.

all I really want is a medium-full sized yoyo (2-2.3? inches)

weight somewhere in the >65gram range.

the shape is something I don’t think i can answer, I never got to try a round butterfly shaped yoyo(at least I don’t think skylines, or PGM’s are round… the Fast 201 was, but that wasn’t wide enough for my preference?) if round you mean a YYJ Dark Magic… then I’d probably prefer H shaped, big fingers make those things feel weird?

YYJ Phenom. Even though it is a YYJ, it it very smooth. As smooth as YYR yoyos. I am serious

If money is no problem look at small company yoyos; like:


I did want to take a look at the SPYY Fury, but I caved in and bought a YYF Genesis, and Protostar. I’ll without a doubt look into those companies for my next purchase.

it is almost imposible to find one (better luck finding a DNA) but a 5star would be pretty good.

you would like CLYW and SPYY because most of their stuff is full sized

I would recommend either a CLYW Peak or a VsNYYC Skywalker.
Those are some of the smoothest full sized yoyos I have met.
Hubstacked Genesis looks sweet though.

I like the Superstar and it sounds like it matches your preferences the best. :wink:

I suggst…

Yoyojam Legacy or YoyoFactory Counter Attack