Which to pick?

Okay so i’m going to order soon and idk which yoyo to get.
I’m planning to get a metal yoyo that is under 100$ (but my limit is 200)
I was thinking about getting a BOSS,Severe,yuuksta,protage,888x,and primo.
Obviously i can on;y get one of them. But idk which one to get. I’ve heard great things from all of theses yoyos but,idk which one to get.
I want a smooth,full or under size yoyo, H-shape feel or wing shape and amazing spin time.

If you are willing to go above 100, then the superstar is an AMAZING yoyo, but all of the ones you picked are great choices as well.

Is superstar a full size yoyo or a little bit bigger on an over sized yoyo?

I would strongly recommend the protege because it plays great and is very stable

You’ll have to pick either H-shape or “wing” shape for what you want, and either full or undersized so that we can recommend something you’ll probably like.

Uhmm i would mostly take the H-shape but size doesn’t really matter to me.


Kickside is alright but i would really want to try a metal yoyo

I like the severe it has the largest gap ive ever seen on a yoyo

Is the server better or protage better for landing the string?

I picked Yuuksta (and recommend Yuuksta),
because it looks exactly like a smaller Genesis, which is supposed to be super stable (more rim weight).
The outside edge of the rim on the Yuuksta is angled inward toward the middle, so that the string falls to the middle, even if you land on the edge. (the surface may not look smooth in photos, but it is)
Love the color, and my yuuksta came with a center track bearing (supposedly comes with the first batch), which comes dry and loud. I added a drop of light lube, and now it’s as quiet and spins as long as any other bearing I have.

Yuuksta sounds pretty nice
but what about boss and 888 2010?

They’re all great.

I d go withe protege because of it’s stability

superstars are undersized. ;D

No they aren’t. You’re thinking of the Skyline.

Protostar and dark magic full sized yoyos right? ???


Is 888 full sized or under?

Yes it is.