First Metal Help

Hey guys, I would appreciate the help. Convinced my girl to let me blow around 70 on a new yo. This will be my first all metal yo - so it HAS to be good to me. I only do tricks for fun and to impress. I’m only working on 1A. I’ve got very limited good yoyo experience, so any advice would be appreciated. I’ve only played with a Lyn Fury and a DM. The yoyo’s I’m looking at are below, but if there are others in the price range I should consider, please let me know. The yo with the most votes will likely be the one I get :slight_smile:

If they had the DV888’s in stock I would snatch one at the price. I haven’t played with enough yoyo’s to tell you what feel I like. Between the Lyn and the DM I prefer the DM (big shock), but it feels a bit too big to me and it vibes a bit. I’m still practicing advanced 1/2 tricks. Any help would be super appreciated.

Eh… your preferances?

Shape, size, weight, response, color, grinding surface?

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The dv888s not in stock right now? oh… good thing i snatched one at the special summer price.

Anyways… I think the yuuksta looks like a good yoyo. undersize, h-shape

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I recommend the protege its rim weighted so you will get long spin times.
Its undersized.

But really thats what i would pick its all your preferences.

I havent played with the Yuksta but the other two are really nice.

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I like a bit of heft to my throw. Like I said I think the DM is a bit too big, but that might just be due to the sharp sides. I’m definitely looking for long spin times with less vibe. Generally I like the size of the Lyn Fury over the DM, but I could go a bit bigger. Don’t know if that helps.

Yes, it helps a lot. I really think you should get a Yuuksta or a Protege. The Yuuksta uses a Center-Trac, that centers the string, and offers it better balance. But it has sharp rims. The Protege uses a SPEC and has good balance, and is undersized but doesn’t have sharp rims. According to what you said, I think you should really get a Protege. :wink: Hope this helps you decide what’s best.

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what are the benefits to the h shape over the more straight that the protege has? And has anyone thrown a yuuksta? They are new so I’m wondering. It looks like the protege is a bit wider which might help me land trapeze more consistently. (still practicing) I have a “c” center track bearing already, so getting a “free” one with the yuuk isn’t a huge advantage, but would allow me to keep it in my DM. It’s lame to admit, but I do like the acid wash look of the yuuk more… But if the protege is a better throw I’ll definitely go with it. Thoughts?

Well, an H shape, like a yuuksta, has a longerish spinning time. Generally, they are more stable, and play heavier. I have a genesis, which is kinda like a yuuksta, I think, and I really don’t like it since it plays too heavy to me. However, you said you liked to have weight in your throw, so a Yuuksta might work better for you than a protege. If I’m to describe the genesis, it’s like throwing a rock around, it’s stable, solid, and harder to move, which is why I don’t like it. I like a little floatier, and bouncier in feel.

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Go for the Yuuksta, but if you want something more round (not H shape) you could also try the Icon.

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allright, I think I’m going to go with the yuuksta. LAST MINUTE SUGGESTIONS MUST BE NAO!!! thanks everyone who posted, helps a lot.


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bought a yuuk, thanks everyone!