Protegé or Dv888

Which yoyo should i purchase for advanced to expert.Dv888 or Protegé.Both by yoyofactory

Please do not consider the price because the dv888 is now on sale, they are orignally the same price-$65.

Read the 21th reply by me. theres more information.

I havent tried the protege yet but the dv888 is an awsesome throw ill tell u about the protege when it comes in the mail :wink:

mmm thanks for the first reply XD, the thing i’m worry about is that the dv888 and the Protegé(obviously cause it just came out) hasn’t been used in competitions lol.

To add on more thing, if you recommend another yoyo for excellent play then go for it. I dont mind if the price around $80.

P.S- best thing is to tell the pros and cons, spins times and the smoothness XD.

well the reason i ordered the protege is bc it looks like the protostar so i want it. plus ill sell you a skyline for 70 plus shipping and that sucker is supersmooth but has a few dings but its awesome.

need more replys plz XD

If your looking for a Dv888 or Protege, go with the Protege.
The Dv888 is an Awesome Yoyo too, but the Protege is just plain Amazing!
Now, If you dont care that it is a little more expensive, I would go with the Primo. The Primo is my Personal Favorite. Its Amazing!
But, If you are willing to wait just a couple of days, Yuuki’s Signature Yoyo is Coming out in a couple of days, its called the Yuuksta. I havn’t tried it, but Ann Connolly told me that it was Incredibly Amazing! So, You might want to go for that.
Hope I helped! :smiley:
-Cody Wright

whaattt really anyways finaly yuuki gets his own siggy yoyo

Well, I don’t know if there is any reason for why you are considering exactly those yo-yos. Is it because you want something undersized, or is it just because you want metal, or…?
I don’t know anything about Protoge, but I do have a DV888. The DV888 is a nice undersized metal yoyo - wich was my main play for quite a while.
But then I got Protostar. It’s plastic, it’s pretty cheap - but it’s darn amazing. I have better spintime, and better balance with protostar than DV888.
Only thing DV888 seems to do better is grinds.

Codyjam that was interesting news :slight_smile: Thanks, i will see if the yuuksta is good before i make final descision:) Hope it has a low price tag :slight_smile: and its metal.

Wow i didn’t know a protostar has longer spin times than a dv888? meh i want to try a all metal yoyo. Size doesn’t matter but i do want to try an undersized. I only want to spend about $70 just on the yoyo.

Hope yuuksta comes out soon:)! Give me more of your opinions!:slight_smile:

Would any of these 2 yoyos be good to go in advanced to expert and then master?

First of all, their are only Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced if you talk to other yoyoers in real life. Andre messed it all up to make his tricks fit. I have tried a Dv888 and just ordered a Protege. And I would say that the two yoyo are in the advanced.

Thanks. MMmm which one would be more smoother? lol. Hope yuuksta is full metal:)

The protege looks like it has some rim weight or something? The shape of it.

Do you think a protostar would be a better choice?

No way! They would START in advanced, but then you could easily go all the way through master with them.

With a good throw, sleep time doesn’t matter because it will be more than long enough. All yoyos made these days are super smooth and just great. You don’t need a metal to get through any tricks; plastics can do anything metals can. You’ll have to make your own decision based on things such as size, shape, weight, price, etc.

I said that there’s only beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Advanced is the highest skill level. Please fully read what I have to say and think about it before you quote me and make me correct you. And the Yuuksta is basically going to be an undersized Genesis, so yes, it’s fully metal.

I know you said there are only beginner intermediate and advanced, but I thought you were referring to the tutorials taught on this site to be more specific.

lol Thanks, i know theres only Beginner,intermidate and advanced. But i was referring to the tutorials that were shown on this site.

I was planning to do some freestyle on this yoyo after i get better. I thought if i had a long spin time i could get longer combos.

Now i am confused if i should get hubstacks-_- ??? ???

wish yyf made a very good yoyo with hubstcaks for $70 :slight_smile:

most people say hubs get boring in a week and that they arent used in contests at all and that they make the yoyo less stable (not good)


They do tend to get boring, but they are used in contests sometimes and they really don’t change the stability of the yoyo usually, just the weight.

The only reason the Protegehasn't been used in competition is because it was just released. You don't have to buy a yoyo just because someone good uses it. Like the Skyline. Not many people have used it in competitions. So what!!! I bought it anyway and its one of all-time favorite throws. Buy what looks like would appeal to your style or what you know you like in a yoyo. My preference is Protege because i like the shape and size. But when it comes down to high-end metals, especialy YoYoFactory metals, all are equally good. It’s all about player preference. Like I have a 888x and it’s a wonderful design but personaly, I don’t like it as much as some of my other yoyos. It plays kinda heavy on the string. That’s why companies make so many different models to appeal to every style or preference. They’re both great yoyos! But you should choose something you know you’ll love. 8)