First YYF

WUZ UP yoyo community alright i am a pretty advanced yoyoer and i only have dm2 and speeder 2 and yes i know those are already pretty good yoyos but i wanna try to get a variety from different companies. So i was wondering what is a good yyf i kinda narrowed it down to protostar, genesis, northstar. I was leaning towards the protostar since i like the lightweight of the speeder 2. Just wanted your thoughts on these yoyos ur OPINIONS.


Genesis no doubt

The protostar is not light weight. I would suggest the rockstar 2012 if you want that shape.

The Genesis is very stable and full sized which i like but it is it heavy and slow? or can it be decently fast?

It can go pretty fast, and isn’t always slow. :slight_smile:

One thing to keep in mind: just because a yoyo is metal it is not going to be really heavy. Ex: yyj legacy (og) is all plastic except for weight rings and it is 70 grams, while the were paquaio is 49 grams yet all metal.

Protostar is a great throw but I think the genesis is in a different league. You mention speed, do you prefer undersized or full sized? Which shape do you prefer or atleast find appealing?

i like full sized and i like an h-shaped yoyo right now like the protostar since the speeder 2 and dm2 is more butterfly shape

trying to get an different shape from the speeder 2 and dm2

Code 1 by one drop. But if you want YYF, the genesis fits your specs perfectly!

Super G

thanks for the suggestion for the code 1 one drop ill probably get it after getting a yyf yoyo

If your that good, go for the Genesis. I see your in the YYJ Speeder 2 area, I suggest to get a Protostar.