Summit Vs. Genesis


I know how to bind. i want to know the pros and cons of each yoyo, and a description of how the play is, or a short review.
Thanks ! :slight_smile:


I’ve owned both but traded my genesis and I can say that the summit was WAY better than the genesis. Not even close. The genesis is really stable and probably more stable than the summit, but it feels like a rock on the string. The summit feels better all around. If you have any detailed questions, feel free to PM me. :slight_smile:


Really? The summit! Its a really good yoyo and you can change the weight with side effects. Its made by two great brands and it comes with a stick 10 ball breaking, and clyw aqua pads! I think he only down side is it might be a little slow…

But seriously, summit hands down, and its like way more expensive then the genesis, you know that right?


This ^ but I don’t feel that it is slow. It can be pushed to faster speeds. It’s not a speed demon tho.


Yah, but I didn’t want people to get mad… In another thread, some people said it went slow, some said fast. When I played it, I could push it pretty fast.

The side effects are a cool feature also.


I would’ve thought that the Genesis would be slower because of the weight distribution and overall weight


It is slower.

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The summit is by no means slow. It doesn’t beg to be pushed but it can be fast very easily.


I don’t feel like the Genesis is a rock on a string. Yes, it’s heavier than many yoyos, but it can actually go quite fast if you want it to.


I agree it can go fast if you REALLY push it but it just feels too solid.


so heavy yo-yo’s are slow?

I think it is about shape and weight. If it is large and heavy, it will probably be slow. But a smaller throw with the same weight may be much faster. Some of my fastest moving yo-yo’s are small, heavy throws. If you are talking about changing direction quickly, I call that maneuverability. That, however, is a trade-off between weight and spin-time. Light yo-yo’s (made of a uniform material) just will not have the spin-time of a heavier yo-yo but will be much more maneuverable.


Once again, I agree. The genesis is big, heavy, and has a lot of rim weight, which causes it to be slow. It just takes more work to get it going fast.


I agree with that too. It definitely has a bit more heft. But that is what makes it so versatile for 1A and 5A.


I agree, heavy isnt slow. My BTH is the fastest yoyo I have ever touched.


Ya go with the Summit. I enjoyed the Genesis while I had it but I didn’t really know what I liked back when I had it. The Genesis plays like one of the heaviest yoyos I have ever thrown. It has insane stability and spin times but felt dead on the string (and not in a good way). It all.comes down to personal preference though. When you begin getting into professional yoyos its a lot of trial and error. IMO you gotta go threw at least 6-7 quality yoyos before you really know what suits you. Heck it took me closer to 15-20 :slight_smile: but IMO the Summit outplays the Genesis hands down. They’re both good though.