I got a Summit...

Its great, but not AMAZING.

Its really all hype, but it is really good

I found it kinda slow and sluggish

When you say slow, you mean heavy, right? Because you can play fast with any yoyo, but lighter yoyos make you more comfortable playing fast.

I do agree it wasn’t really worth all of the hype, but it’s still worth the money.

Maybe its the guy that plays 68-75g throws on a regular basis talkin
but I found it light, Floaty and nimble.
It feels about as light at my Supernova lite at 63g
Weird eh?

Maybe its string? maybe its muscle memory? Who knows.
All I know its, Its one of my 4 Top throws, and I Love mine :slight_smile:

I find the Summit to be perfect for my style of play. I would probably be one of the hypers of the Summit but just because it suits me to a tee. That is the great thing about this hobby, so many choices to meet the needs of the community.

My suggestion, give it a few more days or so to see if it grows on you. If it doesn’t, throw it up on the BST and get something more to your liking.


If the yoyo plays good, just as people said, then how is it all hype? The yoyo lives up to the hype people have given it. Perhaps in your mind you just had more lofty expectations of it.

I also found it to be quite heavy, though. Then again, I’ve got Anti-Yo SEs in mine :smiley:
But I would have preferred it if they dropped a gram or two.

LOL this

I played one and I love it. I think its underrated actually.

Then why is it your favorite yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

I put that up right when i got it, i was exited. Ima change it to cascade

I have had more than 50 high quality metals and the Summit is definitely one of the best throws I’ve played with

Well it’s a cross between the Cascade and Avalanche, so Maybe try the Cascade and Avalanche.

I didn’t like the Avalanche nor Cascade, but the Summit surprised me. Even though almost no yoyos live up to the hype surrounding them, the Summit lived up to my expectations.

Love the cascade. Not the avalanche

The thing that disappointed me was the fact that it was built and based on Ultra Lights. That way, it limits customization to only getting heavier. As this post proves, some people found it heavy feeling. If it was built on Spikes or Domes, you could swap in some Ultra Lights or something to lighten it up. Anyone see what I’m saying?

I feel that, YoYoJordan. Made no sense to me, either.

Thank you, someone understands.

Eh, i traded it for a cheif and a burnside.