severe or genesis?

thinking about getting one of these can you guys help me out

how are they the same/different from one another?

which one is faster or floater would you say?

anything is helpful


I have tried both. I don’t like big yoyos,but for me SEVERE is much better .

i have owned a severe and played a genesis and the genesis blows it out of the water imo. i didnt really like the severe. they both play great, but the genesis is the shizzzzz

since you’ve tried both can you tell me why you like the one better than the other

Uhh its really preference. i absolutely loved the genesis not so much the severe. The severe plays great. its very floaty which is what you like but i personally like the genesis. they both play smooth as a whole, both spin great, they’re both good. i just prefer the gensis

Not to be a buzz kill or anything but this thread goes in the yoyo recomendations in the review section.
But i’d go with the genisis but what do I know I’ve not tried the severe.

Good luck shopping. :slight_smile:

so if the severe is floaty, does that make the genesis a faster player then?

i wouldnt call the genesis a fast player but it doesnt feel like a rock. it to me is the perfect yoyo. it is smooth, stable, mid-speed, long spin times, awesome colors, different bearing options, cool shape.

i have the undeniable edition genesis and it is beast. awesome grinds and string play extremely stable long spins averything u want from a yoyo

well, both are full size yoyo, and has angular shape.

what really different is the feel.
genesis is heavier and more stable IMO.
and the severe is floatier and faster.

just different feel.

It’s up to your preferences, but I have both, but I have a 2010 Severe and I like the 2010 Severe the best.

when it comes out you should get the 2010 severe